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p14postnatal day 14
p14Protein of 14 KD (Kilodalton; molecular biology)
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in 2016, DMCI's core net profit rose by 17 percent to P14.
A total amount of P14 800 cash, says the release, was withdrawn from their bank accounts, but no one has been arrested in connection with the incident.
The ombudsman said its investigation revealed that on May 7, 2004, or three days before the elections, Suplico received P14.
Autocar has reported that the P14 will retain McLaren's carbon fibre chassis and 3.
30 September 2011 - Swiss laboratory instruments and solutions provider Tecan Group (VTX:TECN) said today that its expects the shipments of first instruments under its P14 project with an unnamed global diagnostics company to be delayed from the anticipated end of 2012.
One of the benefits of the P14 system is reduced maintenance and inventory costs due to minimum number of modules.
The Provincial Budget Office projected that P1,457,558,887, or P14.
1 next year, Nograles said, their basic monthly salary would go up from P14,834 to P29,668.
According to the BOC, the district has already collected a total of P14,796,622,092, and exceeded its annual target by P1,203,033,092.
The subject of this contract is the supply of cast-iron brake blocks according to types: 03 P14, P10 04, 010 U, 012 P14, UIC 320 II, 250 II UIC to supply points designated authority in the assumed total number of 841 700 pieces.
League table Ennis Square Social Club P13 Pts 34; The Citz P13 Pts 34; Clarendon Hotel P16 Pts 30; Grangetown P10 Pts 24; +Black Swan P14 Pts 21; Redcar Rugby Club P12 Pts 18; *West Two P12 Pts 14; Cleveland Hotel P14 Pts 11; Mermaid P13 Pts 11; FC Winning Post P15 Pts 6; Middlesbrough Homeless P14 Pts 3.
TEWS Technologies announced the TXMC375, a switched mezzanine card (XMC) compatible module offering eight channels of RS-232/RS-422/ RS-485 programmable asynchronous serial interfaces with P14 I/O.