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p14postnatal day 14
P14Protein of 14 KD (Kilodalton; molecular biology)
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the P14 had a volley sight attached to the left rear of the receiver with a corresponding front sight on the left side of the first barrel band.
To a large extent, this interpretation is based on the similarity of the bone assemblages of the Swifterbant culture (especially the comparison between P14 and Swifterbant S3, see above) and the differences between the bone assemblages of the Swifterbant and Vlaardingen sites (e.
A cartoon of Admiral Lord Nelson will be auctioned off on the festival's closing night at the Philharmonic Hall on July 17Paul Merton interview and full Festival line -up - see 24/7 n Have we got comedians for you: P14 ( Picture: EDDIE BARFORD
The Model P14 V/T variable temperature model has been added to the company's range of rapid plastimeters.
The latest Employer's Bulletin announces a tightening in the operation of the deadline for the submission of employers' year-end PAYE and NIC returns, P14 and P35.
The Cogenix range has been extended to include the P14 rapid plastimeter, and most recently the D15 moving die rheometer.
EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization) as of September increased by 25% from a year ago to P14.
Tenders are invited for Spl Repair To Hard Standing And External Finishes Provn Of Addl Store Room And Allied Works At Bunglow No P14 At Stn Road And Misc Repair To Certain Bldgs At Stn Road 4 No Poultry Farm Under Age Br Anand Parbat Under Ge North Delhi Cantt10
To accurately determine PRI, a plasticity test is carried out using the P14 rapid plastimeter shortly after the sample has been aged for 30 minutes.
Excluding Pure Foods, year-to-September revenues increased by 19% to P14.
This prequalification is for a turnkey contract that consists modernization and conversion of burners in four existing boilers, P11, P12, P13, P14, at VEnrtaverket, Stockholm.