PBMTPhotobiomodulation Therapy (laser light therapy)
PBMTPatter-Based Machine Translation
PBMTPediatric Blood and Marrow Transplantation
PBMTPerioperative Blood Management Technician
PBMTParaffin Wax Embedded Bone Marrow Trephine
PBMTPrimed Bone Marrow Transplantation
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In future work, we plan to merge the reordering model based on DNN to PBMT as a feature function.
In this review, articles focusing primarily on the effects of PBMT on oxidative stress in experimentally muscle injury were analyzed; for all articles, there was no unanimity regarding the outcome measures, nor the methods used to measure these outcomes.
PBMT is typically used to promote tissue regeneration, reduce swelling and inflammation, and relieve pain and is often applied to the injury for 30 seconds to a few minutes or so, a few times a week for several weeks [23].
Thus, it is possible to imagine that the oxidative muscular homeostasis linked to PBMT could be mediated by its anti-inflammatory action, inhibiting/attenuating the of inflammatory cell migration, then, the ROS source.
Furthermore, the parameters used for PBMT in the studies examined, such as laser output, irradiation distance, irradiation frequency per day, number of treatment sessions, irradiated energy per day, and the total energy irradiated, did not meet the current recommendations for reproducible studies.
One of the major associations is PBMT (Perhimpunan BMT Indonesia/ BMT Union of Indonesia) which was formed by some major BMTs about a decade ago.
PBMT Social Ventures Limited is a not-for-profit organisation set up in Singapore to eradicate poverty in Indonesia and other parts of Southeast Asia by boosting rural community development through venture philanthropy.
where [E.sub.ij] is an indicator of biodiversity level; j = 1 (mammals), 2 = (birds), 3 = (plants), 4 = (pbmt), and 5 (pcmam); [[epsilon].sub.i] is a random error term; and all the other variables are as previously defined.