pCREBPhosphorylated cAMP (Adenosine 3'5' Cyclic Monophosphate)-Response Element Binding protein
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To analyze CREB and pCREB levels, the data obtained from each band were normalized by the respective [alpha]-tubulin value.
The levels of pERK1/2, ERK1/2, pCREB, BDNF, and GAPDH in the OFC and mPFC are shown in Figures 4 and 5, respectively.
[68] exposed differentiating NSCs to ELFEF and found increased H3K9 acetylation and pCREB binding to the promoters of proneuronal genes; these events could be significantly inhibited by nifedipine, thereby significantly enhancing the mRNA expression of Cav-1-dependent proneuronal genes.
The expression levels of pCREB and pNK[beta]B increased in CFA-induced chronic inflammatory pain in mice (Figure 3(c), 165.26% [+ or -] 21.54% and 153.85% [+ or -] 12.51%, n = 8), which was reduced by EA (Figure 3(c), 102.2% [+ or -] 17.53% and 94.58% [+ or -] 12.46%, n = 8) and TRPV1 null mice (Figure 3(c), 103.86% [+ or -] 20.41% and 96.53% [+ or -] 5.44%, n = 8) but not in the sham-operated group (Figure 3(c), 159.02% [+ or -] 13.4% and 142.18% [+ or -] 20.9%, n = 8).
Para evaluar si el incremento en los niveles de pCREB en el hipocampo de ratas luego de la exploracion de un ambiente novedoso se asocia con la formacion de la memoria de habituacion o con la deteccion de la novedad per se, Winograd y Viola (2004) expusieron al ambiente novedoso a los sujetos una o varias veces y luego de una hora los sacrificaron para poder medir el factor de transcripcion.
Wang et al., "The neuroprotective effects of Tanshinone IIA are associated with induced nuclear translocation of TORC1 and upregulated expression of TORC1, pCREB and BDNF in the acute stage of ischemic stroke," Brain Research Bulletin, vol.
Thus, an inverse relationship between PCREB in brain regions involved in appetite regulation and food intake exists.
Yet another study elegantly demonstrated that c-Rel nucleated an "enhanceosome" comprising other TFs including p65 (RelA), pCREB, and NF-ATC2 at the Foxp3 promoter [49].
Phosphorylated CREB (pCREB) then recruits another transcriptional co-factor called CREB-binding protein (CBP), which contains intrinsic HAT activity.
2007) increased neuronal levels of pCREB. We confirmed that PCB-95 activated CREB in hippocampal neurons as determined by Western blot analyses of pCREB expression, and we extended this finding to demonstrate that PCB-95 also up-regulated expression of the CREB-responsive gene Wnt2, as determined by qPCR.
Similarly, increasing transcription of pCREB, the active form of CREB, through the use of drugs can block neuroinflammation and alcohol-induced brain neuronal death (Zou and Crews 2006).
Baseline levels of lumbar/sacral spinal pCREB (relative immunoreactivity) were significantly elevated in 129 SvEv mice compared to ICR mice (280 [+ or -] 60 versus 100 [+ or -] 33).