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PKAPreviously Known As
PKAProtein Kinase A
PKAIonization Constant (chemistry, kinetics)
PKAPainkiller Already
PKAProfessional Karate Association
PKAPi Kappa Alpha (fraternity)
PKAPublic Key Authentication (computing)
PKAPublic Key Authentication
PKAPrivate Key Access
PKAPrimary Key Attribute
PKAPohjois-Karjala (Finland)
PKAPublic Key Algorithm
PKAProfessionally Known As
PKAPrimary Knock-on Atom
PKAPhilip Koether Architects (est. 1994)
PKAPublic Key Authority
PKANegative Log of Ka
PKAProfessional Karate Academy (Red Bank, New Jersey, USA)
PKAPenalty Kick Goals Allowed (soccer)
PKAPhilippine Kendo Association (Philippines)
PKAPaul Kagan Associates, LTD
PKAPääkirjaston Aikuisten Osasto (Finnish)
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This desensitization is either mediated by phosphorylation of Ser345/346 and Ser261/262 by PKA (heterologous desensitization) or by phosphorylation of certain serines, especially Ser355/356 in the C-terminus of [[beta].
Further mechanisms of investigation indicated that the effect of DDD intervention is related to upregulating the expression of cAMP-1 and PKA and downregulating the expression level of MLCK and PKC.
This study developed a modified computational model of human ventricular myocardium cell based on the ORd human model with the integration of regulation mechanism by CaMKII and PKA [20], with which their effects on EADs have been investigated.
PKA estimation was done by using protocol assay (Pep Tag assay for Non-Radioactive detection of cAMP dependent Protein kinase A from Promega).
Simulations indicated that a single MP with as little as 10 [micro]M cAMP was sufficient to transiently activate PKA (Fig.
They then examined the subsequent molecular activity of both MAPK and PKA.
Retrospektif olarak planlanan bu calismaya, DEUTF Noroloji AD Demans polikliniginde izlenen, klinik olarak PKA dusunulen ve ayni zamanda beyin SPECT incelemesi mevcut olan olgular alindi.
Christian joined the PKA club at the Moat House Leisure Centre in Winston Avenue, Wood End, and now aims to become a black belt.
Previous studies have shown that protein kinase A (PKA) is involved in controlling the relaxation of the uterus during pregnancy, and that levels of PKA are higher in pregnant woman compared to non-pregnant woman and then decrease at the start of labour.
Putative consensus sequences for additional kinases such as GSK3, Cdk, CaMKII, and PKA have been identified.
The protocol for PKC immunocytochemistry was similar to that described in PKA immunocytochemistry, except that first antibody was replaced with mouse anti-PKC.
The throw grouping pictured here includes the BTEX PL-TC throw (hanging), along with the BTEX PL-TBL (top of stack), the BAST PKA (second in stack), the BAST TOF (third in stack) and the BAST ALM (bottom of stack).