pRFIDpassive Radio Frequency Identification
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With an initial goal of 90 percent in-theater operational availability for robotic IED assets, EODTECHDIV was able to achieve a greater than 95 percent in-theater operational availability through the implementation of IUID utilizing pRFID, RTLS, and COLTS to meet the specific needs of its organization.
Navy AIT commenced deployment of pRFID with a DoD joint initiative on the island of Oahu.
Building upon the Oahu project, Navy AIT's current deployment schedule includes more than 100 Advanced Traceability and Control (ATAC) and commercial maintenance sites within the Navy repairables supply chain, although afloat implementations will be deferred until a HERO-approved pRFID reader is commercially available.
The session focused on how, given recent advances in pRFID tag technology, active and passive can co-exist to protect customers' investments in auto ID technology.
Coyle, DLA is focused on improving asset visibility of goods in transit and has already achieved a 7% improvement in receipt processing though the use of pRFID at San Joaquin.
Tethered handheld bar code scanners are used on the inbound shipments that are run through the conveyor but do not have a pRFID tag.
The conveyor portal will scan the pRFID tags on each carton.
The intent was to enable the Automated Information Systems (AISs) at each site to accept pRFID data, and ensure the interfaces allowed for interoperability.
In this significant undertaking, Navy partnered with Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) to share expertise, knowledge and lessons learned from DLA's pRFID tagging initiatives.
In May 2004, the FISCN Ocean Terminal fully transitioned from all legacy documentation and data capture processes on the transit shed floor to pRFID as the primary transaction of record.
DLA is expanding its efforts to deploy pRFID. Three hundred seventy-seven portals have been erected at CONUS distribution depots; 10 handheld units are being utilized as well.
* Dissemination of newer contracts with DFARS clauses requiring pRFID and IUID marking.