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pSTSPosterior Superior Temporal Sulcus
pSTSPhilosophy of Science, Technology and Society
pSTSPrecision SIGINT Targeting System
pSTSPlayers Softball Tournament Series (men's recreation; Orange County, CA)
pSTSProfile Specific Test Specification (telecommunications)
pSTSPrimary School Teachers and Science (UK)
pSTSPetroleum Safety Training System
pSTSPost Sales Technical Support
pSTSPower Supply Test Station/Set
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The teacher standing in for her, Ms Hameed, has no qualms in saying that she is a PST (primary school teacher).
At the same time, as PSTs are very likely to find themselves in schools during their professional experience, or as new graduates, where STEM approaches are increasingly common, they need opportunities to experience the potential of STEM learning activities (Cooper et al., 2012).
The study explored PSTs' responses to the experience of working with the RALfie activities.
The major findings from quantitative data point out that out of a total of seven aspects of PSTs' classroom practices, there is not a single aspect that falls under the categories of 'most frequent practice' and 'frequent practice'.
Regardless of the term used, most researchers agree that the beliefs of PSTs are "deeply personal" (Pajares, 1992, p.
In this article, we describe the macroteaching experience from the perspective of the 17 PSTs in our secondary methods class and our perspective as course coinstructors.
Neither, Arante noted, is an attractive alternative, since very few PSTs have checking accounts, while the equity loan, will only allow their members to loan an amount equal on their current contributions.
Specifically, our interest was in examining how multiple student work samples could assist PSTs in making instructional decisions for a whole class rather than an individual student.
One of the challenges facing teacher educators is providing our pre-service teachers (PSTs) with authentic experiences that cross the boundaries between Initial Teacher Education (ITE) and the classroom.
The results revealed that district teacher educators were effective in terms of upgrading the PSTs' knowledge and skills by improving the areas of lesson planning, and lesson presentation, but relatively less effective for the use of audio-visual aids and activity-based teaching and assessment technique.
Effects of Experience and Education on ISTs' and PSTs' Attitudes about Inclusion
In the years we researched, 2011-12 and 2012-13, over 90% of PSTs and TTs identified as White.