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PKGProtein Kinase G
PKGPrivate-Key Generator (internet encryption)
PKGPublic Key Generation (computers)
PKGPenalty Kick Goals Scored (soccer)
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You say Valdez sneaked into our camp, took the oiled-silk package from the coat pocket of Professor Bumper and went back to his own camp with it, thinking it was gold.
The Green Man raised his arms twice, making signs which I did not understand; then, leaving the window, he again took up his package and moved along the gallery towards the landing-place.
Occasionally other trials than those of the Old Bailey would be included in the package of books we received from London; among these my husband found and read with avidity:--
She threw the package into the stove, but I bit off a corner of one of the chips I held in my hand, and chewed it tentatively.
There was a wooden box on the table and its cover had been removed and revealed that it was full of neat packages.
But if you'll unwrap that package you may see why you had me going a while at first.
it's no matter what you pay," whispered Eva, softly, getting up on a package, and putting her arm around her father's neck.
Packages are then made, each containing twelve of these bales, seven at bottom, five at top, pressed close to each other, with the corded side upward, wrapped in mats and corded.
The parcel being untied proved to have two smaller packages within, and Rebecca opened with trembling fingers the one addressed to her.
The officer desired to have Milady's packages pointed out to him, and ordered them to be placed in the boat.
The question was set at rest by his forethought, disclosed by the arrival of some large packages addressed to her.
John Dashwood saw the packages depart with a sigh: she could not help feeling it hard that as Mrs.