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PACKPlanned Acts of Christian Kindness (Acts 1:8 Ministry; Green Bay, WI)
PACKPatriot Act Compliance Kit (Jewelers Vigilance Committee)
PACKPremier Aquatics Club of Klein (North Houston, TX)
PACKParents And Cataract Kids
PaCKParents and Community for Kids, Inc. (Estes Park, CO, USA)
PACKPlanet Action Club for Kids (environmental club; Clean Nova Scotia; Canada)
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Market scope : Paper based packaging originates from a paper or board mill where the paper or board is transformed into rolls or sheets.
Bag-in-box packaging uses nearly 200 million lb and will grow 6% annually due to benefits in waste reduction, lower transportation costs, and reduced container storage space.
Major beverage producers use all types of packaging even within individual product lines.
Instead, the packaging ordinance dictated that, beginning in January 1993, retailers had to "take back" primary packaging (cans, jars, boxes) at the point of sale and recycle it.
The ordinance covers all packaging, around 150 billion individual packages discarded each year in Germany, about 40 percent of the country's garbage.
One of the major trends in the retort packaging market is the retort pouch that is taking convenience to a whole new level and becoming increasingly popular among food product manufacturers.
One of the hottest issues is the latest revision to the packaging and packaging waste directive as it winds its way through the tortuous machinations of Europe's bureaucratic process.
Increasing Shift from Rigid Packaging to Flexible Packaging
Market Size - Consumption Million Litres, Litres Per Capita, 2012 Growth - CAGR% 07-12, CAGR % 11-12, CAGR% 12-13F Market Value (at Consumer Price), Local Currency/US$, 2012 Segmentation - Carbonated/Still, % Market Share, 2012 Distribution - Off-Premise/On-Premise, % Market Share, 2012 Packaging - Material, % Market Share, 2012 Chart - Packaged Water Leading Trademark Owners, 2012 Commentary Current and Emerging Trends Outlook Segmentation Functional Products Private Label/Private Label Producers Marketing Pricing/Valuation Packaging Distribution Packaged Water New Products 2011 Data Tables Consumption, Million Litres/Litres Per Capita, 2014F-2016F
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