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PAEANPanel on Atmospheric Effects of Aviation
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Then advancing, he placed his foot upon the broad chest of his headless foe and broke out into a chant, or rather a paean of triumph, so beautiful, and yet so utterly savage, that I despair of being able to give an adequate version of his words.
An hour or two after its termination, loud paeans chanted through the valley announced the approach of the victors.
After heavy rain, Steve Cauthen switched from Bonhomie to stablemate Paean, and Lord Howard De Walden's stayer galloped home a 15-length winner.
Groundconditionswerevery soft and stable jockey Steve Cauthen switched from Bonhomietoridethemudlark Paean, who was backed from a morning 14-1 in to 6-1.
Kevin Ancell's painted ramp paean to the high renaissance was directly commissioned by RVCA founders Conan Hayes and Pat Tenore.
Each piece is paean to someone special, some for their kindness, others for near cruelty, but each unforgettable in his or her own right.
In more of a paean to the industry than an analysis of the science, Sargent (nanotechnology and photonics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology) describes how far he and his colleagues have come in persuading Nature to fashion matter after their needs and in using refined control over atoms, electrons, and photons to better human existence.
In fact, more random than you think: In another paean to the Apple aesthetic, Levy decided to turn his book into the equivalent of a printed shuffle play.
Lee's novel is beautifully written, a paean to a bygone era.
He gave him the blessing of all nations, and confirmed his covenant upon his head." These words, and other refrains in this paean, come from selected lines in the Old Testament book of Ecclesiasticus, chapters 44-50.
Downing, a human organ procurement specialist, writes a paean to his father, Thomas Downing, a show horse trainer who never left "the Saddlebred Kingdom of North Middletown, Kentucky," where he was born.