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PaeonPaeonic (linguistics)
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Purists may hate a remixed bonus of the original signature tune driven by electronic beeps and beats but boy band Busted's indie-pop paeon Thunderbirds Are Go takes off in all the right places.
The structural comparability of Jenks's descriptions of these incomparable situations reminds us that the "First Hymn" need not be a song of praise to God, but might well be--humanizing or defiling the genre--a paeon to a person or a demon.
Ironically, in the confusion of the waning days of the Occupation, audiences seized upon the play as a paeon to the Resistance, and thus a myth was born.
IL (aisle, isle, I'll, I yell), AL, LRG, NLG6, NIL8, RA, RT, SN9, SQ, SSS, AVN, OA, B10, 134, B9, KG, DK, D9'(denyin'), XTC, LMN8, MN8, NV, SKP, SA, XX (execs, exacts), 4A, 4M (forerim, forum), 4C, `AZ (hazy), `R10 (hearten), `I10 (heighten), LO, IC, MNCT, NDN, N8, NO cents, N10CT, N2, IR (ire, eyer), IV, JL, OBDNC (obediency), ODS, PN (paean, paeon, peon, peein'), 6S, TNMN[] (Tianamen Square), 110 (wantin', wanton, want in), YL (while, wile), Y10, YR (whyer, wire), EN
First a paeon of praise for "an all too short life.
Converter Paeon Manufacturing has helped Minwax, a Sherwin Williams company, create a tool for helping consumers stain and finish wood in their homes.