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PAGERPrompt Assessment of Global Earthquakes for Response (USGS)
PAGERPolicy Action Group on Emergency Response (Canada)
PAGERPensioners Action Group East Riding (UK)
PAGERPartial-Partition Avoiding Geographic Routing
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For NJ, Horizon has deployed Pager to an initial group of roughly 10,000 members for experiential testing and to gain operational insights with the expectation that it will be available to more commercial members in the coming months.
The HIMSS Analytics research also revealed significant "soft" costs from the continued use of pagers:
This case differs from the previous pager case, in which Apple defeated GPNE, in one key area: MTel is not considered a patent troll.
PocketBell predated all other pager players and operated a virtual monopoly until a shareholder struggle allowed the new management led by the Santiago family to take over in the early 1990s, said Brian Santiago, a director of listed Philippine Telegraph and Telephone Corp.
Potential licensees in the consumer electronics accessories industry are currently being targeted as candidates to eventually commercialize the Blackamore Specialty Pager on a worldwide basis.
In 2001, the City of Ontario Police Department ("Department") issued members of the SWAT team two-way pagers in an effort to assist the team to mobilize and respond to emergencies.
According to the opinion, the search "had a legitimate work-related purpose" --the police department's research into whether its policy governing personal use of the department-issued pager had allotted an adequate amount of minutes or should be revamped--and "was not excessive in scope." Further, the opinion noted that "employees who need cell phones or similar devices for personal matters can purchase and pay for their own."
The prosecution claim that Monarch applied for the pager in Mr Jones' name.
However, most of them have since defected to cellphone and personal handyphone system, or PHS, services and forced pager service providers out of business.
In a recent study, all sides of 100 pagers from doctors, residents, medical students and other healthcare workers were pressed onto culture plates.
IPN customers with Internet access can send free alphanumeric messages through the IPN Web site by simply entering their pager numbers and typing in their messages.
She told a Newcastle hearing: "I was formally required to carry a radio pager and required to contact the prison and attend in person when someone contacted me.