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PAIDPreserve the American Dream
PAIDParoxysmal Autonomic Instability with Dystonia (brain injuries)
PAIDPhiladelphia Authority for Industrial Development
PAIDPitiful and Incomprehensible Demoralization (Alcoholics Anonymous slang)
PAIDPan African Institute for Development (Institute Panafricain pour le Ddeveloppement)
PAIDPeople Against Impaired Driving
PAIDProcedures, Applications, Infrastructure and Data
PAIDPersonnel Accounting Integrated Data
PAIDPre-Authorized Instant Deduction
PAIDPlutonium Air Inhalation Dose
PAIDPurchasing, Accepting, Invoicing, Disbursing (system)
PAIDProbability Area Inverse Distance
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Now it seems to me unfair, Dowley, and a deadly peril to all of us, that because you thoughtlessly confessed, a while ago, that within a week you have paid a cent and fifteen mil --"
Of this, only three hundred dollars had to be paid down, the balance being paid at the rate of twelve dollars a month.
"Explain yourself," said he, in a stifled voice -- "if you are paid why do you show me that paper?"
"Nay," said the other, "I hold with this holy Prior, who hath paid me my fees in hard gold, so that I am bounder to him."
He paid it to me, when I was over there one day last month.
Russia paid in as her contingent the enormous sum of 368,733 roubles.
She has earned, no doubt, fifty of the hundred dollars I have paid. Then the custom-house--ah, Clara, if it were not for that vile custom-house, I might have had the handkerchief for at least five-and- twenty dollars lower !"
She had sat up a whole night with the boy who had died, and yet his brother demanded to be paid for his life.
And the high and lofty, heaven-inspired TRANSCONTINENTAL paid five dollars for five thousand words!
Jake paid his fine with a ten-dollar bill grandfather had given him for that purpose.
``When Isaac returns successful through your mediation,'' said the Outlaw, ``I swear by Saint Hubert, I will see that he pays thee the money in good silver, or I will reckon with him for it in such sort, he had better have paid twenty such sums.''
But there was always no money; they never paid for as much as a pennyworth of peppermints.