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PTRPointer (as used in DNS records; an address points to a name)
PTRPupil/Teacher Ratio
PTRPublic Test Realm (gaming, World of Warcraft)
PTRProton Transfer Reaction
PTRProven Track Record
PTRPittsburgh Tribune Review (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania newspaper)
PTRPaper Tape Reader
PTRPortfolio Turnover Rate (finance)
PTRPreliminary Title Report
PTRProgram Trouble Report
PTRPart Time Regular
PTRProblem Trouble Report
PTRProblem Tracking Report
PTRProfessional Tax Receipt
PTRPhysical Transmission Rights
PTRPacket Transmission Rate
PTRProduction Trial Run
PTRPlant Thermal Reduction
PTRPool Test Reactor (Chalk River, Ontario; built in 1957, retired 1990)
PTRParticle Transfer Roller
PTRPublic Transport Rate
PTRProgram Technical Report
PTRPortable Timing Routines
PTRPatellar Tendon Reflex
PTRProbably Totally Random (podcast)
PTRPractical Technologist in Radiology
PTRPneumatic Tyre Roller
PTRPrimary Training Range
PTRPreliminary Technical Review
PTRPort Thermal Radiator
PTRProduction Test Requirements
PTRPressure Test Record
PTRProject Technical Representative
PTRPortable Test Range
PTRPrice to Retailer
PTRPrograma de Transformacion Regional
PTRPhilippine Tax Registration
PTRProject Team Review
PTRPeak-to-Trough Ratio
PTRProject Technical Review
PTRProsperity Through Rice
PTRProgram Tape Reader
PTRPerformance Tuning Request
PTRPre-Commissioning Test Report (electrical)
PTRPattern-Theoretic Recognition
PTRProblem Trouble Record
PTRProduction Trial Review
PtRPounding the Rock (sports)
PTRProperty Tax Relief (various locations)
PTRPost-Tenure Review (various schools)
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It is not he who is revealed by the painter; it is rather the painter who, on the coloured canvas, reveals himself.
Followed as he followed it, with a skilful reticence, in a kind of social chiaroscuro, it was still possible for the polite to call him a professional painter.
These two points accomplished, he went in search of the painter who was to paint the sign; and he was soon found.
By Servin's invitation, the officer had seated himself on a divan, and the painter, after removing the sling which supported the arm of his guest, was undoing the bandages in order to dress the wound.
Then the son said: 'Now will I show her to you in her own form,' and wished that she might become a maiden, and she stood there looking so beautiful that no painter could have made her look more so.
He knew that there were societies where painters and poets and novelists and men of science, and even great actors, were as sought after as Dukes; he had often pictured to himself what it would have been to live in the intimacy of drawing-rooms dominated by the talk of Merimee
which rescued the unknown painter from oblivion and blazed the trail which succeeding writers, with more or less docility, have followed.
Applying himself, heart and soul, to his work, the painter Lebrun, covered with perspiration, stained with paint, pale from fatigue and the inspiration of genius, was putting the last finishing touches with his rapid brush.
and my function is to paint--and as a painter I have a conception which is altogether genialisch, of your great-aunt or second grandmother as a subject for a picture; therefore, the universe is straining towards that picture through that particular hook or claw which it puts forth in the shape of me-- not true?
Browning was a mere boy, it is recorded that he debated within himself whether he should not become a painter or a musician as well as a poet.
The young painter would evidently explode if he could not make use of his arms.
Van Baerle was but a painter, a sort of fool who tried to reproduce and disfigure on canvas the wonders of nature.