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palaPaladin (gaming character)
palaPennsylvania Library Association
palaPoetics and Linguistics Association (UK)
palaPresidential Active Lifestyle Award
palaPennsylvania Assisted Living Association
palaPhilippine Association of Landscape Architects
palaPrison Atheist League of America (Austin, TX)
palaParaaortic Lymphadenectomy
palaPartido Agrario Laborista Alajuelense (Agricultural Labor Action, Costa Rica)
palaPrecedence Access Limitation Announcement
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(23) Record Group 75, Records of the Bureau of Indian Affairs, Records of the Pala Superintendency, Letters Sent to the Indian Office, 1903-1908, box 443, National Archives Pacific Region, Laguna Niguel, CA (hereafter cited as RG 75, Records of the Pala Superintendency).
Environmentally friendly: Rachel Eade (Accelerate), Prof Garel Rhys, Roberto Montanari (Reggio Emilia), Tim Williams (Welsh Automotive Forum) and Kishor Pala (Accelerate)
Diveen Henry as Nigerian asylum seeker Pala in the RTE series Prosperity
Even today, teaching posts specifically labeled 'stylistics' or 'language/literature' are rare, in British academe at least, although PALA founder member Mick Short holds a Chair in English Language and Literature at Lancaster, Sylvia Adamson a Chair in English Language and Literary History at Manchester, and Peter Verdonk a Chair in Stylistics at Amsterdam.
society, whether represented by proposed plans to build a casino to bring dollar into the reservation or, currently, by the whites and Hispanics drawn to the parish of San Antonio de Pala.
This traditional identification with the San Luis Rey River at Pala is, perhaps, best understood by its people's creation stories.
Included in its rationale for supporting the Arrangement, ISS noted: Upon review of the full auction process the board has undertaken for the proposed deal, the negotiation process carried out with Pala is deemed to be adequate.
Simeka, who serves as a deputy head of the non-parliamentary party Progressive Slovakia (PS), of which aputova used to be a member, has recently been elected an MEP in the EP elections.Another member of her team, Radovan Pala, is a PS member.
Sabi ko, 'Ate wala ka naman dalang biko, sapin-sapin yan eh!' Yun pala nasa ilalim ng bilao, quiet lang daw.
Mani to his legions of followers, mainly in Kerala's agriculture-oriented Pala constituency.
Pala, CA, January 21, 2019 --( One of the most acclaimed bands of the classic rock era, Bad Company has joined Pala Casino's upcoming summer concert series.