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PANGAPacific Northwest Geodetic Array
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However, under the Fair Housing Act, comfort animals, like Panga, are exempt from any community rules including breed, size, pet limits or no pet policy.
Nos la trajo la gente de la comunidad de Villa Guerrero; ha venido mucha gente caminando con cosas y las pasamos en pangas.
He went to his caravan and got the panga and fled into the woods.
Over three months he sold thousands of portions of fried panga as cod, adding pounds 100 a week to the turnover at his Platters takeaway.
Always kill, kill, killing of the turtles," says Romero who nowadays gives eco-tours of Coronado Island on his small boat, known as a panga.
The convoy was ambushed in Panga village, about 15 kilometers north of Miran Shah, the main town in North Waziristan where the Pakistan army has been battling the remnants of al-Qaida and their local supporters, Maj.
A panga ride among these whales - which can weigh up to 40 tons and measure up to 50 feet long - is one of the wonders of Baja.
Once the fish are attracted, the seiner comes around the panga and drops its net into the sea to trap the fish.
In the morning we would head out from our base camp - La Unica, a wilderness resort about halfway down the east side of Baja California - in a high-bowed panga, boating to rocky reefs just offshore to fish for lunch and dinner.
You packed up the panga, but did you remember the canticles?
Tambien Candelario Casillas, de 31 anos de edad, cree estar vivo gracias a la venerada efigie: --Hace 10 anos navegaba en mar abierto a bordo de una panga (asi llaman en Sinaloa a unas lanchas pequenas de madera) buscando lugar para soltar mis redes, cuando fui embestido por un yate.