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PAPPapanicolaou (Pap test or Pap smear; named for George Papanicolaou)
PAPPeople's Action Party (Singapore)
PAPPassword Authentication Protocol
PAPPatient Assistance Program
PAPPort-au-Prince (Haiti)
PAPPositive Airway Pressure
PAPPicture and Picture
PAPPrinter Access Protocol
PAPPolska Agencja Prasowa (Polish News Agency)
PAPPan-African Parliament (est. 2004)
PAPPulmonary Artery Pressure
PAPPeople's Armed Police (China)
PAPPulmonary Arterial Pressure
PAPPulmonary Alveolar Proteinosis
PAPPre-Authorized Payment
PAPPersonal Auto Policy
PAPProtected Audio Path (Microsoft)
PAPProjet Annuel de Performance (French: Annual Performance Plan)
PAPPush Access Protocol (WAP)
PAPProstate Acid Phosphatase
PAPPlacental Alkaline Phosphatase (biology)
PAPPeople's Alliance Party (Solomon Islands)
PAPProspective Adoptive Parent
PAPPeruvian Aprista Party
PAPPurple Acid Phosphatase
PAPPoverty Alleviation Programme
PAPPolicy Administration Point (identity governance)
PAPPerformance Assurance Plan
PAPPublic Access Profile
PAPPage Avec Publicité (French: Page with Ads)
PAPPriority Action Programme
PAPProgramme d’Aide à la Publication (Publishing Aid Programme)
PAPPedigree Analysis Package
PAPPacket-Level Procedure
PAPPersonnel Assurance Program
PAPProcedure And Practice
PAPProgram Action Plan
PAPPrivate Access Provider
PAPPersonal Articles Policy (insurance)
PAPProduct Assurance Plan
PAPPerformance Assessment Plan
PAPPresent Active Participle (grammar)
PAPPrimes in Arithmetic Progression (mathematics)
PAPPersonnel Assistance Point
PAPPrograma de Asistencia al Paciente (Spanish)
PAPPhilosophical Association of the Philippines (Philippines)
PAPPacket Authentication Protocol
PAPPharmacy Administration and Practice
PAPPoluautomatska Puška (Croatian: semi-automatic rifle)
PAPPrêt d’Aide à l'Accession à la Propriété
PAPPerformance Assurance Procedures
PAPPeroxidase-Antiperoxidase smear test (medical term)
PAPPower Angle Profile
PAPPlant Administrative Procedure
PAPPre-Approved Payments
PAPPre-Allocation Porting
PAPPayload Activity Plan
PAPPalo Alto Philharmonic (California)
PAPProduction Assurance Program
PAPProvider Access Point (ITU)
PAPPlasma Arc Pyrolysis
PAPPolyaspartic Aliphatic Polyurea (concrete sealer)
PAPPayload Attach Plate
PAPPublicly Available Price (Cap)
PAPProcess Assessment Procedure
PAPPredetermined Acceptance Probability
PAPPrimary Assembly Point
PAPPrivate Administrative Procedure (similar to Notarial Protest)
PAPPorcine Actinobacillus Pleuropneumonia
PAPPrion Amyloid Protein
PAPPast Assembly President
PAPProject-Affected Person/People
PAPPoker Affiliate Program (gambling)
PAPPolskiej Agencji Prasowej (Polish: Polish Press Agency)
PAPPublic Advisory Council
PAPPhysician Assistant Program (various locations)
PAPProfessional Accredited Parliamentarian (credential)
PAPPort Authority Police (various locations)
PAPPost Affiliate Pro (software)
PAPPublic Art Policy (various locations)
PAPPharmacy Assistance Program
PAPPublish Ahead of Print
PAPPhosphatidic Acid Phosphatase
PAPPharmaceutical Assistance Program (various locations)
PAPPublic Awareness Program (various locations)
PAPPhysical Activity Program (various locations)
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Pap Machinery is part of the fifth-generation family-owned Pap Group, a holding company for capital equipment dealerships founded in 1938.
Limitations of the survey included the fact that the data were self-reported, and that it "did not consider whether Pap testing behaviors varied by human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination status or by timing of sexual initiation," the researchers wrote.
Because some of the women who had been assigned to the self-collection group were reassigned to the Pap smear group (generally because they were not home when the nurse visited), analyses focused on the women who followed their assigned protocol--9,202 women who self-collected a vaginal sample for HPV testing, and 11,054 who underwent a Pap smear.
Maybe the PAP came earlier than it should have," he told the New African.
These findings demonstrate the safety of current guidelines, which recommend a 3-year screening interval for women who test negative for HPV and Pap test," lead author Hormuzd Katki, Ph.
Four in 10 women had a history of abnormal Pap test findings; in the past year, 18% had had an STD, and 7% had been pregnant.
The researchers used standard statistical methods to analyze differences between women who had a Pap test and those who did not.
But here's why the annual Pap smear should bite the dust.
Annual Pap smears for women younger than 30 years old.
While Pap smear screening has significantly reduced deaths from cervical cancer over the last 60 years, the conventional Pap test can still miss detecting disease.
The recommended frequency of Pap testing is changing and the MBCHP continually monitors screening policies to stay current.
With the reduced PAP subsidy and increased postage, mailing costs in 2006 will shoot up to $422,500.