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PAPAPlein-Air Painters of America
PAPAParents and Professionals and Autism
PAPAProfessional and Amateur Pinball Association
PAPAPartnering against Poverty Association (est. 2009; Cambodia)
PAPAPyogenic Arthritis, Pyoderma Gangrenosum, and Acne (chromosomal syndrome map)
PAPAPennsylvania Asphalt Pavement Association
PAPAPublic Academy for Performing Arts (Albuquerque, NM)
PAPAPurpose, Audience, Persona, Argument (language)
PAPAPizza, Pasta & Italian Food Association (Chepstow, UK)
PAPAPower-Aware Page Allocation
PAPAPolyazelaic Polyanhydride
PAPAPay and Personnel Ashore (US Navy)
PAPAPoor and Progress Assistance
PAPAPrepare to Abandon Platform Alarm
PAPAPakistani American Pharmaceutical Association (Long Island City, NY)
PAPAPower-Aware Programmable Architectures
PAPAUSAF Nickname for Alaskan Air Command Programs
PAPAProfessional Auto Parts Association
PAPAPost Adolescent, Pre-Adult (developmental stage)
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He is getting on beautifully with his French; for though I don't think the place is so good as papa supposed, yet Harold is so immensely clever that he can scarcely help learning.
"No, papa," said Eva, putting it gently away, "don't deceive yourself!--I am not any better, I know it perfectly well,--and I am going, before long.
'perhaps you know, my dears, of a drawing-master that I can recommend?' The three young Misses all look at each other, and then say (with the indispensable great O to begin) "O, dear no, Papa! But here is Mr.
"I am sure," said she, "that dear mother would like papa to do whatever would make him most happy.
Papa is to speak to me as soon as we are at home again, and my married life is to begin with the New Year."
Only don't talk of anticipating means, Papa Meagles, as a discovery; because that would be too much.'
Vincy's belief that Rosamond could manage her papa was well founded.
"I don't exactly know, papa. Will you answer my question?"
'You suppose papa is highly esteemed and respected, then?' he said, sarcastically.
"And I have a great favor to ask of you, Papa," said he.
"I promise you to make none for myself, papa; but I must, indeed, for other people.
My papa play for his wedding, and he give my papa fine gun, and my papa give you.'