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PDCBPartially Defatted Chopped Beef (food quality)
PDCBPlease Don't Come Back
PDCBParsed Dirid Control Block (computing; IBM)
PDCBPrint Destination Control Block (ROP)
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Naphthalene should never be mixed with other kinds of moth balls or flakes, such as paradichlorobenzene. These two, if mixed, will spoil the herbarium sheets with a black gummy residue.
Lee raises a valid concern regarding the potentially serious effects that can result from inhaling an active ingredient in mothballs called paradichlorobenzene (PDB).
Look for safer alternatives, such as those made from PDB (paradichlorobenzene).
Subsequently, we employed crystals of paradichlorobenzene (PDB), which proved to be an effective molluscicide (Table 1).
Items to be stored should be dry-cleaned, placed in sturdy boxes, and sprinkled with paradichlorobenzene crystals or naphthalene flakes placed between layers of paper; seal boxes tightly.
Other mothballs contain paradichlorobenzene, which is less toxic if swallowed, but may be a carcinogen.
Tenders are invited for E-773/hbpcl/pc/ paradichlorobenzene chlorbutanol benzocaine 2.7 turpentine oil ear drops/2017-18
Toxicity of paradichlorobenzene: determinations on experimental animals and human subjects.
Naphthalene and paradichlorobenzene, common active ingredients in mothballs, are among the most common toxic chemicals detected in indoor air.
Wax Desolvins Drop Containing Paradichlorobenzene 2% + Benzo-
Acute haemolytic anaemia following the ingestion of paradichlorobenzene. Arch Dis Child 34:74-75.