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PARMProgram Accountability and Risk Management (US DHS)
PARMPower-Aware Real-Time Message (message scheduling algorithm)
PARMProgram Acquisition Resource Manager
PARMParticipating Manager
PARMParticipating Acquisition Resource Manager
PARMPost Attack Resource Management
PARMProject Accounting and Risk Management (software)
PARMPersistent Antiradiation Missile
PARMProgramme Approval, Review and Modification (Project Management)
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The vital parameter monitoring devices and equipment market consists of sales of vital parameter monitoring devices and equipment and related services.
He said the decision of the board to keep the parameters for selection of audit confidential was also against the law settled by the high court.
Advocate Muhammad Ajmal Khan, counsel for taxpayer Happy Manufacturing, argued that impugned provision of section 214x (1A) of the Ordinance, which required the board to keep the parameters for the selection of a case for audit as confidential, is ultra vires of the provision of Articles 4,8,10-A,19 and 19-A of the Constitution.
LAHORE -- The Lahore High Court on Thursday declared unconstitutional the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR)'s powers to keep confidential the parameters under which the taxpayers are selected for their audit.
The opportunity to estimate the parameter uncertainty and correlation between their values is of significance for the evaluating the accuracy of a prediction.
It is important to note that solubility parameter does not take into account secondary forces in polymers like dipole-dipole interaction and hydrogen bonding.
For the Agency, labeling of all process parameters as critical has the same effect as considering all of them, "non-critical," as there is no way to evaluate the impact of these parameters on CQAs during commercial manufacturing.
Since profile parameter results are not distorted by filters, they are good for exploring the effects of mechanical characteristics in the roughness measurement process.
In contrast to Stedinger and Taylor (1982), this paper explores the impact of hydroclimate parameter uncertainty on a contemporary calculation of system yield, which involves the calculation of the average annual quantity of water that can be supplied (i.e.
Given the large number (> 20) of gait-describing parameters that are measurable using standard equipment and software, some authors have attempted to use the factor analysis to reduce the relevant number of factors clinicians' need to measure to glean better understanding of an individual's gait.
Three Parameter Logistic model: Yt = a / [1+b x exp(-k x t)] + e