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PMVPicture Music Video
PMVPony Music Video
PMVPrediction Motion Vector
PMVPredicted Mean Vote
PMVPartial Molar Volume
PMVPrüfmittelverwaltung (German: Test Equipment)
PMVPersonal Mobility Vehicle (electric scooters)
PMVPanneaux à Messages Variables (French: Variable Message Signs; computerized road signs)
PMVPrivate Motor Vehicle
PMVProlonged Mechanical Ventilation
PMVPublic Motor Vehicle (transportation)
PMVPassy-Muir Valve (tracheostomy speaking valve)
PMVPresent Market Value
PMVPassenger Motor Vehicle (Australian government)
PMVPlant Machinery and Vehicles (construction)
PMVPost Market Vigilance
PMVPulse Motor Valve (air conditioning)
PMVPorlamar, Venezuela - Gral Santiago Marino (Airport Code)
PMVProteomics and Metabolomics Victoria (Victoria, Australia)
PMVPrice Mix Volume
PMVPea Mosaic Virus
PMVPredicted Motion Vector
PMVParcels & Miscellaneous Van (UK railways)
PMVPulmonary Microvascular Pressure
PMVParliamentary Medal of Valor (Honor Harrington science fiction novels)
PMVMitral Valve Prolapse, Familial
PMVPrivate Market Valuation
PMVProduction Master Valve
PMVPreventative Maintenance Visit
PMVPre Move Visit
PMVPierson's Milk Vetch (plant species)
PMVPressure Monitoring Valve
PMVPressure Modulation Valve
PMVProject MultiVitamin (band)
PMVPure Multi-Visit
PMVParcels and Miscellaneous Van (British Southern Railway)
PMVParalyzed and Mechanically Ventilated
PMVPrecision Measurement Vehicle
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Los orthomyxovirus (ortho: para diferenciarlos de los paramyxovirus; myxo: por su afinidad por las mucinas o glicoproteinas de la superficie de las celulas afectadas) presentan un genoma RNA fragmentado (ocho fragmentos), de cadena sencilla lineal, simetria helicoidal, de polaridad negativa y miden de 80 a 120 nm de diametro.
The porcine paramyxovirus LPM specifically recognizes sialyl(alpha 2,3)lactose-containing structures.
The condition may also be associated with urinary tract pathogens such as paramyxovirus, adenovirus, Coxsackie virus, and echovirus.
Mumps is caused by the paramyxovirus and has a long incubation period taking as long as three weeks from infection to outbreak.
Other viruses involved include either influenza viruses, respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), or paramyxovirus. The most common cause of LTB is parainfluenza virus type 1.
Researchers suspect the disease - which Oshitani called 'the most significant outbreak that has been spread through air travel in history' - was caused by the paramyxovirus or the coronavirus.
Two candidate viruses had been identified by press time, one belonging to the paramyxovirus family and one to the coronavirus family.
''Preliminary investigations by the Pathology Department at the Singapore General Hospital and the Defense Medical Research Institute have identified the likely infective agent to belong to the paramyxovirus family,'' it said.
Aventis Pasteur Limited (Toronto, Canada) has patented a vector comprising a first DNA sequence which is complementary to at least part of an alphavirus RNA genome and having the complement of complete alphavirus DNA genome replication regions, a second DNA sequence encoding a paramyxovirus protein, particularly a respiratory syncytial virus fusion (RSV F) protein or a RSV F protein fragment that generates antibodies that specifically react with RSV F protein, the first and second DNA sequences being under the transcriptional control of a promoter.