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PARASOLPolarization and Anisotropy of Reflectances for Atmospheric Sciences Coupled with Observations from Lidar
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You meet me in the shrubbery at home, talking over the private theatricals with my old playfellow, whom I knew when I was no taller than this parasol.
He heard a rustle of skirts against the box, and sat motionless, leaning on the parasol handle with clasped hands, and letting the rustle come nearer without lifting his eyes.
He had taken her parasol from her hands while he spoke to her, and he now lifted it and twirled it above him as he lay on his back.
In such cases as these,' pointing to Nell, with her parasol, 'and in the case of all poor people's children, we should read it thus:
She set down the bird-cage and poked the boy with her parasol.
All women like finery--extraordinary the effect of those parasols.
He looked steadily at her for a moment, but her parasol had dropped a little upon his side and he could not see her face.
One small child was poking turtles with Amy's cherished parasol, a second was eating gingerbread over Jo's best bonnet, and a third playing ball with her gloves.
Cobb solemnly, as he remounted his perch; and as the stage rumbled down the village street between the green maples, those who looked from their windows saw a little brown elf in buff calico sitting primly on the back seat holding a great bouquet tightly in one hand and a pink parasol in the other.
The old lord, evidently much flattered by this suspicion, bestowed a grotesque leer upon Kate as he passed; and, receiving another tap with the parasol for his wickedness, tottered downstairs to the door, where his sprightly body was hoisted into the carriage by two stout footmen.
the bride repeats, and her parasol breaks in her angry hand.
On a summer afternoon in the Castle gardens, I have seen six students march solemnly into the grounds, in single file, each carrying a bright Chinese parasol and leading a prodigious dog by a string.