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PARCELProperty Assessment Reporting to Centralize and Evaluate Liability
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Wragge walked into the room -- looked all over it -- saw nobody -- and indicated her astonishment at the result by dropping a fourth parcel, and trembling helplessly from head to foot.
"Parcel?" repeated Valentin; and it was his turn to look inquiring.
"But excuse me one moment--I can't think what they're doing with that parcel." He strode into the booking-office and called with a new voice: "Hi!
When Jip was brought to the Doctor's side, the Mayor opened the larger parcel; and inside was a dog-collar made of solid gold!
After half an hour of bargaining, during which Captain Van Horn had insisted on the worthlessness of the parcel, he had bought a fat pig worth five dollars and exchanged it for her.
The parcel being untied proved to have two smaller packages within, and Rebecca opened with trembling fingers the one addressed to her.
In this same "parcel of ground" which Jacob bought of the sons of Hamor for a hundred pieces of silver, is Jacob's celebrated well.
"In the event of a parcel arriving for him whilst he was away, what would be done with it?"
And Monsieur de Marquet explained that there were on the dust of the pavement marks of two footsteps, as well as the impression, freshly-made, of a heavy rectangular parcel, the marks of the cord with which it had been fastened being easily distinguished.
I soon emptied the hogshead of the bread, and wrapped it up, parcel by parcel, in pieces of the sails, which I cut out; and, in a word, I got all this safe on shore also.
Have you got anything in the parcel line for me, John?'
At last it was all settled, even to the destination of the parcel.