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PARDPeriodic and Random Deviation (specifies ripple and noise content of a voltage)
PARDProtect As Restricted Data
PARDPeople's Association for Rural Development (India)
PARDPullman Alliance for Responsible Development
PARDPower Aware Request Distribution
PARDPostaccident Radioactivity Depletion
PARDPilot Airborne Recovery Device
PARDParts Application Reliability Data
PARDParks and Recreations Department
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Through the Prescription for Choice campaign, PARD is urging individuals to contact their legislators to support House Bill 511 and Senate Bill 211, which levels the playing field for the countless locally owned pharmacies throughout Pennsylvania.
Paul's Elders Council, Pard began volunteering with the church when she was 16 years old.
The PARD programme, launched in 2004, is intended to increase the competitiveness of the West Midlands' vehicle industry by encouraging innovation, modernisation, and technology development.
Traditionally, Eysendach said, PARDs use three approaches when addressing juvenile crime.
When the terms in PARD are deleted from the equation in Table II, the coefficients on the lagged levels of GS and NGS become positive; significantly so in the case of the latter.
This important event will bring together industrialists from the automotive, marine, aerospace, rail and construction sectors, to provide an overview of the new technologies developed by the PARD Programme," said Mr Bottrell.
Teams at PARD have so far equipped more than 400 companies with the skills, services, processes and products needed to compete at the top level.
The event was attended among others by Director General PARD Nighat Mehroze, DG PID Abdul Majeed khan Niazi, officers and officials of the PID and Provincial Information Department, representatives of the national, regional newspapers and electronic media.
More than 500 suppliers worked with WMG and its partners Jaguar and Land Rover on PARD to discover the strengths they needed to win contracts with big multinationals.
In our view, PARD shares represent the rare combination of 1) a wholly owned, late-stage asset, 2) a development program with a high likelihood of clinical success, 3) a product with a unique profile representing blockbuster potential and 4) a valuation that allows for significant upside potential.
Teams at PARD have been able to equip more than 400 companies with the skills, services, processes and products needed to compete at the very top and long into the future.
Within such a competitive industry and its pressures, Pard and Stadco have been working together to introduce a flexible manufacturing system, involving developing a fixtureless assembly programme using co-operative robots.