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PARENPromoting African Research and Education Networking (study)
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just as Cuba fits in between the parenthesis of this world
Welsh National Opera's In Parenthesis, composed by Iain Bell, is a beautiful adaptation of the epic WWI poem by David Jones.
And after the world premiere of WNO's opera, In Parenthesis will also be available to anyone who loves opera or is curious to try it for the first time via Opera Platform, which will be streaming it online for free (from Friday, July 1).
Parenthesis has produced a range of marketing materials outlining the inventiveness of the city, while a programme is being created to ensure the planned proposition is rolled out to schools, organisations and businesses.
the parenthesis signifies dead text, an appendage to the work which is neither vital nor functional, an appendix which instead of contributing to organic unity only stores toxic waste .
In the end, Zewi offers her monograph "not as the final word on parenthesis, but in the hope of stimulating more studies on this topic" (p.
p](i, b) be the number of parenthesis b [member of] { (p,) p} in S before (and including) the position i.
The company, a former winner of one of the awards, is now sponsoring one of the categories - Parenthesis Design and Marketing Communications Brand Identity Award.
Listed alphabetically with the director in parenthesis.
It becomes annoying to the reader if too many of these words are spelled phonetically in parenthesis.
Names in parenthesis are popular street names' of each drug.