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Under the Governors direction, the New York State Department of Transportation has taken a series of steps to investigate and reduce the number of bridge strikes caused by commercial vehicles on parkways and highways.
Using infrared beams, the detection system identifies an over-height vehicle illegally using a parkway, captures the vehicles movements on video and then posts an alert message for the driver on an electronic variable message sign, enabling the driver to leave the highway before encountering a bridge.
3) Inspired by the celebrated landscaped boulevards of Paris and Berlin, Olmsted and Vaux viewed parkways as carriageways, surrounded and contained by the park and designed for pleasure riding.
When you realize that the California sycamore is a Valley native, you wonder why the parkways of only a handful of streets have been graced with its presence.
The application for a Scarsdale site along the Hutchinson River Parkway values the "improvement" at $110,000, which would include a 25 x 25-foot fenced compound and electrical cabinet.
A new grassroots coalition is working to save scenic views along the historic Blue Ridge Parkway from encroaching development.
The California River Parkways Program, a competitive grant program administered by the Office of the Secretary for Resources, awards funds to public agencies and nonprofit organizations to develop river parkways in their communities.
Liquid amber was on the county's list of recommended trees for planting in parkways in 1964, a recommendation one neighbor said has caused a lot of grief.
As long-lived native trees, they are the most appropriate species for planting in Los Angeles parkways.
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