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It is true that Marmaduke, by thus purchasing estates that had been wrested by violence from others, rendered himself obnoxious to the censures of that Sect which, at the same time that it discards its children from a full participation in the family union, seems ever unwilling to abandon them entirely to the world.
On the contrary," he said, in a querulous and angry tone that contrasted with his flattering words, "on the contrary, your excellency's participation in the common action is highly valued by His Majesty; but we think the present delay is depriving the splendid Russian troops and their commander of the laurels they have been accustomed to win in their battles," he concluded his evidently prearranged sentence.
Louisa denied Tom's participation in the offence; but her mother stopped her with the conclusive answer, 'Louisa, don't tell me, in my state of health; for unless you had been encouraged, it is morally and physically impossible that you could have done it.
Sikes, being disappointed of the dog's participation, at once transferred his share in the quarrel to the new comer.
Key words: Political talk shows, political efficacy, political participation, talk shows exposure, and demographic factors
In Pakistan labour force participation rate is estimated on basis of Crude Activity Rate (CAR) and Refined Activity Rate (RAR).
The deadline for noteholders to receive the Early Participation Premium expired at 5:00 p.
Although these processes were diverse, they shared one thing in common, declining rates of overall participation in general and youth participation in specific.
469-5(f) (1), participation is considered to be any work done by an individual (without regard to the capacity in which the individual does the work) in connection with an activity, where the individual owns (directly or indirectly) an interest in the activity at the time the work is done.
Without the presence of rural women, the participation of farm women in economic activities is an undeniable reality.
From the recession's start to peak unemployment in October 2009, the participation rate declined by one full percentage point (66 to 65 percent).
The labor force grows or shrinks by population growth in the working age population, or by changes in labor force participation (those of working age who choose to be in the labor market or not).
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