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PASSPull, Aim, Squeeze, and Sweep (using a fire extinguisher)
PASSProfessional Association for SQL Server
PASSPlan for Achieving Self-Support (US Social Security Administration)
PASSPassim (Latin: throughout)
PASSProfessional Airways Systems Specialists (Union)
PASSPersonal Alert Safety System
PASSPalmetto Assessment of State Standards (South Carolina)
PASSPost Abortion Stress Syndrome
PASSPostdoctoral Application Support Service
PASSPower Analysis and Sample Size
PASSProcurement Automated Source System
PASSPrimary Avionics Software System
PASSPilipino Academic Student Services
PASSPublish and Subscribe Services (Army)
PASSPerformance Analysis of Systems and Software (Symposium)
PASSPlanetarium Activities for Student Success
PASSPlanning, Attention, Simultaneous and Successive Processing (theory of intelligence)
PASSPilipino-Americans in Social Studies (University of California, Irvine)
PASSPrincipal Assessment for Student Success
PASSPersonal Alarm Safety System
PASSPersonalized Automotive Security System (passive automotive anti-theft system)
PASSPay/Personnel Administrative Support System
PASSPost-Authorisation Safety Study
PASSPost Arrest Screening Site
PASSPost Administrative Software Suite (Department of State)
PASSPersonal Assist Secretary System (Xbox)
PASSPatch Antenna with Switchable Slot
PASSPOCC Applications Software Support
PASSPilipino American Student Society
PASSProfiler for Academic Success of Students
PASSPassive Aircraft Status System
PASSPrivate Automatic Switching System
PASSPositive Action School Site
PASSPostaccident Sampling System
PASSPeople Against Sunday Shopping
PASSPassive Space Surveillance
PASSPreview, Ask, Summarize, and Synthesize
PASSParent Awareness of Skills Survey
PASSProduction Automated Scheduling System (method used to schedule jobs to run on a computer)
PASSPosition Aware Safety Systems
PASSPull, Aim, Squeeze, Spray
PASSPublication of the American Sociological Society
PASSPolygraph Assisted Scoring System
PASSParameter Analysis Storage Switch
PASSPortable Aeromagnetic Survey System
PASSPerformance Assessment Support Service
PASSPoly-Silicon Assisted Self-Aligned Selective-Epitaxial-Growth (semiconductor structure)
PASSParked Aircraft Sentry System
PASSPhoto Interpretation Analyst Support System
PASSPull, Aim, Squeeze, Shoot
PASSPerformance Analysis for Surveillance Systems
PASSPressurized Air Starter System
PASSPower Against Second-Hand Smoke
PASSProposal Automated Source System (AMSEC)
PASSProtocol Analyzer, Simulation System
PASSPersonnel Administrative Support Service/System
PASSParameter Analysis and Storage System
PASSProgram Assessment Automated System
PASSPeople against Spice Sales (est. 2011)
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