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pRFIDpassive Radio Frequency Identification
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Passive radio frequency identification tags could change that model.
The Defense Department has issued a final rule requiring suppliers to use passive radio frequency identification tags on shipments to its distribution depots at Susquehanna, PA, and San Joaquin, CA.
The SDDC tested Passive Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tag technology earlier this year to determine its viability to support in transit visibility of DOD cargo and containers.
Defense Logistics: Better Strategic Planning Can Help Ensure DoD's Successful Implementation of Passive Radio Frequency Identification, GAO-05-345, Sept.
Barcodes, data matrix, touch buttons, laser cards, and compact disks (CDs); active and passive radio frequency identification (RFID); real-time location systems; satellite terminals, geostationary earth orbiters (GEO), and low-earth orbiters (LEO); enterprise resource planning (ERP); and electronic data interchange (EDI) and extensible markup language (XML).
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