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Patois -- defined as informal speech influenced by multiple languages -- is an experience that is true to its name.
Some of the most compelling voices are the gang lords and petty thugs bound to the Kingston streets who speak a stylized, slang-laced Patois that James paraphrases into English while retaining Patois grammar and rhythm.
XXXTentacion's disdain for Drake using Jamaican patois is just the latest problem the rapper has with Drizzy.
Case in point is the Chips Oman burger, a local riff on that burger from Patois. It features a spicy scotch bonnet pimiento cheese, crushed-up chilli flavour Oman chips and oyster sauce mayo, on a sweet milk bun with a sweet crackling top.
Jolas's theoretical and aesthetic interests in lingual fusion came largely as a result of his lifelong immersion in the patois of Europe and the Americas.
The Warrior Sheep Go Jurassic is the fourth book in a series of stories about five sheep, all Rare Breeds; Oxo an Oxford ram, Jaycey a Jacob ewe, Sal a Southdown ewe, Wills a Welsh Balwen lamb and Lincs the patois speaking Lincolnshire Longwool ram, all with interesting personalities, who are looked after by a feisty grandmother, Ida, and her grandson Tod.
According to the Huffington Post, the video is titled 'New Video of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Drunk, Swearing in Jamaican Patois? Bumbaclot'.
While a smidgeon of local pride should be encouraged, actively encouraging youngsters to use this particularly adenoidal patois is to condemn them to the tail-end of the dole queue.
The formal, old-time patois he fashions for his array of con artists, fools and bloodsuckers helps to establish the contrast between antebellum America's elegant manners and the viciousness at its core.
A great patois vocal from the Brit, real name Jason McDermott, with music mixing up dancehall, ragga and garage.
patois. To unfold in the flux of a despicable mobile home made to do
Most island place names are French in origin, as are many family names; most Saint Lucians are Roman Catholic; and the island's legal system is based on the Code Napoleon, with many laws issued in French only; and, importantly, about ninety percent of Saint Lucians still have at least some passing knowledge of French Creole--historically referred to as patois, but now increasingly called Kweyol--a result of successful eighteenthcentury French efforts to establish a plantation economy on the island from neighboring Martinique.