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PATRIOTProvide Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism Act of 2001
PATRIOTPhased Array Tracking to Intercept Of Target
PATRIOTPesticide Assessment Tool for Rating Investigations of Transport
PATRIOTPhased Array Tracking Radar Intercept On Target
PATRIOTPhased Array Tracking Radar, Intercept Of Target
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He was unrecognizable, something quite beyond the ken of honest, ordinary revolutionists whose fiercest hatred for Diaz and his tyranny after all was only that of honest and ordinary patriots.
Stryver fitted the prisoner's case on the jury, like a compact suit of clothes; showing them how the patriot, Barsad, was a hired spy and traitor, an unblushing trafficker in blood, and one of the greatest scoundrels upon earth since accursed Judas--which he certainly did look rather like.
Erskine, who had presented him, a few days before, with a copy of "The Patriot Martyrs and other Poems," tried to catch a glimpse of the book over which Trefusis was so serious.
Instead of being stricken to the heart with a solemn sorrow, as a Patriot Martyr would have been under similar circumstances, he felt slighted and ridiculous.
A patriot in a State that does not import or export, discerns insuperable objections against the power of direct taxation.
The timekeeping software integrates with Patriot PAY[TM] online payroll software, further simplifying the payroll process.
To prevent terrorists and other criminals from obtaining products, services, or access to property with which they could harm American citizens, or launder money for other illegal purposes, proper identification of customers is required under the USA Patriot Act and related Presidential executive orders
Republican Senate candidate Tim Michels, a former airborne ranger and well-heeled construction mogul, grabbed the PATRIOT Act issue with both hands.
The ALA, which has pushed to scale back the government's powers to gain information from libraries, said its study was the first to examine a question that was central to a House vote in July on the Patriot Act: how frequently federal, state, and local agents are demanding records from libraries.
Patriot missile operations were conducted on an extremely dense and complex battlefield where more than 41,000 sorties were flown by coalition air forces.
At issue are a series of provisions in the 2001 law that many lawmakers in Congress point to as one of the primary reasons why they were willing to vote for the Patriot Act.
Under the Patriot Act, the federal government can get information about your health, finances, magazine subscriptions, or membership in charitable or religious organizations.