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PAVDPost Application Visit Day (UK)
PAVDValdez Pioneer Field Airport (Valdez, Alaska, USA)
PAVDPeripheral Arterial Vascular Disease (cardiology)
PAVDPrivate Arbeitsvermittlung Deutschland
PAVDPredominant Aesthetic Venous Disease (type of varicose vein)
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Back in May, the Mayor had announced that New York City had paved 5,000 lane-miles since 2014; under the de Blasio Administration, nearly 786 lane miles have been paved on Staten Island, nearly half of the borough's streets.
Another environmental problem created by our overzealous application of asphalt is that, because the soil underneath paved areas absorbs very little water, natural aquifers below can dry up, reducing the overall amount of potable water available to people, wildlife and the larger ecosystem.
Use pegs and string to mark out the perimeter of the paved area, and check your measurements before you start work.
Some people call the system of paved roads--about 50 feet wide and 2 million miles in total length--the largest single structure in the United States.
In fact genre as opposed to gender is as good a way as any into Paved Paradise, because the work is so hard to place.
A A A A He also added that roads will be paved for 36 Km long and 400 lighting poles will be installed in the Wilayat of Liwa, internal roads will also be paved for 30 Km long and 400 lighting poles will be installed in the Wilayat of Shinas, in addition to, paving car parking in front of mosques and schools in each wilayat of the region according to the laid down plan.
"Wheeled material handlers are better suited to work on smooth, paved surfaces that will provide a stable base from which to operate the machine.
All unit paved surfaces have numerous joints between the pavers, and even with a perfect installation, these joints can hinder snow removal.
Most commonly, this has been done using factory shingle scrap and excess inventory, as tear-off shingles (those removed from houses by roofing contractors) can provide additional worries for contractors if any roofing nails make it through to a paved surface.
3 Paved forecourt with marble architrave by Andrea Guardl.
A small, paved area surrounded by attractive shrubs makes a perfect sun trap for relaxing in the garden.