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PAVISPervasive Adaptive Visualization and Interaction Service
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But co-directors Lynda Adams and Sandra Nicholls have made it work." (11) Focus is of the audience's own choosing, and meaning results both from the text and "from the combined efforts of audience and mise en scene"(Pavis 11-12).
In Charles Lambert's book, The Boss, Pavis says: "I'd employed two inexperienced managers and then went for one of the most experienced - one who was at least in the top six in the UK.
Lecky is delighted to be mentioned in the same breath as Pavis, Scott and Thomas - but equally gutted to be missing tomorrow's return leg in Qarabag.
Pavis ha llamado la atencion sobre la estrecha relacion existente entre teatro historico e intercultural ("Hacia" 7-20; El teatro 131-44).
(5) Sobre la nocion de vector, ver Patrice Pavis, L'Analyse des spectacles.
Desde una concepcion canonica, la tragedia esta escrita en un lenguaje matizado segun las "partes, efectuada por los personajes en accion" (Pavis 516), definicion cuya primera parte pudo verse favorecida por esa "diferencia de matices en la voz del lector," pero limitada por la ausencia de la directa presentacion de los personajes en su accion sobre el "vacio escenico," como apunta Diez Taboada (Valle-Inclan, Voces 31).
a) Illusion and fictionality: Patrice Pavis explains the possibility of illusion on the grounds of fictionality:
E BELFAST: Rutherford, Foster, C Adams, Pavis, Wilson, Bowers, Ashe, Upton, J Adams, McMullan.
Theta Pavis, our Peace & Freedom editor since 1999, will be leaving us after this issue.
But the club's chairman, Derek Pavis, today said: ``Following recent press comments, I would like to make it clear that Arsenal have acted responsibly throughout.
El semiologo Patrice Pavis define la tragedia como una, "[o]bra que representa una accion humana funesta que a menudo acaba en la muerte" (487).
Dickson (Coleraine) Subs: Patterson (Glens), Dornan (Linfield), Walker (Glens), McCusker (Cliftonville), Murray (Linfield), Gorman (Coleraine), Pavis (Linfield)