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Call me a pedant, but a log is essentially a murdered tree.
COUNCILLOR Steve Kay describes himself as a bit of a pedant in his letter regarding Ormesby Bank (3.2.12).
His tour, Hello Ladies, focuses on the obstacles to romantic bliss if you''re six foot seven, a skinflint, a pedant and a Blue Peter badge holder to boot.
One such pedant questioned the accuracy of a female character writing with her left hand: 'Would an elderly woman not have been forced to write with her right hand if she was brought up in the late 19th century?' they queried.
"Actually, she's a MEZZO SOPRANO," Mrs A Pedant from Abergavenny would quack, as gangs of semantics-obsessed septuagenarians gathered outside the office ready to beat me to death with rolled-up programmes from Trevor Nunn's production of Cosi Fan Tutte.
Still, the book would have been improved if Schechter had spent more time analyzing the people who consumed these ghastly entertainments, rather than just describing the gore like a pedant at a Halloween party.
Leslie S Klinger, the editor of the voluptuous volume, is the pedant's pedant, having pored over the Holmes canon with a pin-prick passion for painstaking detail.
With Ralph Ehntholt (Baptista), Celeste Roberts (Kate), Bree Welch (Bianca), Daniel Magill (Lucentio), Brandon Hearnsberger (Tranio), George Brock (Gremio), Jason Douglas (Hortensio),Justin Doran (Petruchio), Rutherford Cravens (Grumio), Scott Fults (Biondello), Kit Fordyce (Vincenrio), Bob Leeds (Pedant), Kelly Harkins (Curtis), Bob Boudreaux (Tailor, Haberdasher), Sally Edmundson (Widow), and others.
The narrator postulates that even with several dictionaries, manuals, and a treasury of curses, the pedant would not have been able to defeat this female devil of a fishmonger.
This volume contains Cyrano's two theatrical works Le Pedant joue et La Mort d'Agrippine.
Every pedant, every demagogue, every cynic, every hypocrite, every troublemaker, and, I am sorry to say, some others of an entirely different character, will try to downgrade them even to the extent of mockery and ridicule.
Thomas Allen brought out the human foibles of Beckmesser, splendidly singing the role and leaving aside the grotesque mannerisms that usually burden the poor pedant. Rene Pape radiated Pogner's love and devotion.