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PEEPlan d'Epargne Entreprise
PEEPhotoelectric Effect
PEEPoste d'Expansion Économique (French: Economic Expansion Program)
PEEPentium Extreme Edition (Intel)
PEEProfessional Engineers in Education (division of NSPE)
PEEPoint Evidence Explanation (writing)
PEEPerm, Russia - Perm (Airport Code)
PEEPetroleum Ether Extract
PEEPhoto-Electron Emission
PEEPhosphate Eliminating Enzyme (deficiency)
PEEPropolis Ethanol Extract
PEEProgram Estimating Equation
PEEPhoto-Emission Effect
PEEPressure Environment Equipment
PEEProcédure d'Exécution d'Essais (French: Test Execution Procedure)
PEEPharmaceutical Executive Europe
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Busting the Pool Dye Myth It's the most common pool myth of all time: If you pee in the pool, the water will change color and everyone will know.
With the encouragement of the Pee Wee cheering squad, which yelled "got spirit, let's hear it," the Lions avoided a shutout.
Joining the Kent entry on 149 points is the Bradford list of Adam Chamley which, like Cee Pee M, clinched 49 points thanks to recent wins from Mozart (29) and Distant Music (20).
As I listened, I thought about how I was probably on a beach with my parents and brothers and sisters while a thousand miles away Pee Wee was picking cotton, or running and hiding in a field as the white kids passed.
On the shortstop side, Pee Wee Reese, princely Southern gentleman.
Pee Wees at the Point stands surrounded by flame trees on a spectacular site in a nature reserve at the eastern point of Darwin Harbour and Fannie Bay.
and then it vanished, telling the stories of "Pee Pee Boy" and his neighbor, "You," among others.
To make Premarin, about 80,000 horses stand for almost six months in narrow stalls every winter and pee into cups that catch their valuable waste at 500 farms in the prairies of Canada and North Dakota.
To help eliminate some of these headaches for new pet owners, Gary Rybka, DVM, developed one of today's most advanced potty training systems, The Pup Pee Poo Palace.
Kim Kardashian had told people about the little incident and had said that she had to clean Kanye up after North decided to take a pee on her dad.
The 19-year-old singer and his crew were driving in Snowmass, CO, when they pulled to the side of a private road in a wealthy residential area and he started to pee, TMZ.