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PEELSPre-Elementary Education Longitudinal Study (National Center for Special Education Research; US Department of Education)
PEELSParallel Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy
PEELSPrimary Electrical Equipment Life Support
PEELSParametric Endo/Exoatmosheric Lethality Simulation
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One winter's day the wife stood under the tree to peel some apples, and as she was peeling them, she cut her finger, and the blood fell on the snow.
Peel's late conduct on the Catholic question, innocent of future gold-fields, and of that gorgeous plutocracy which has so nobly exalted the necessities of genteel life.
So I used to come out at night after they'd gone to bed, and feel about in the dark for bits of biscuit, or sangwitches that you'd left in the office, or even pieces of orange peel to put into cold water and make believe it was wine.
I well remember one morning, as we were on the stand waiting for a fare, that a young man, carrying a heavy portmanteau, trod on a piece of orange peel which lay on the pavement, and fell down with great force.
Harris and I occupied the same room which he had occupied and the same paper had not quite peeled off the walls yet.
Chemical peels cannot remove loose or sagging skin and do not serve the same function as a face lift, brow lift, or eyelid lift.
MD PEEL, Inc., offers a new microdermabrasion unit that can be adjusted to treat virtually any skin type or color.
The physical removal of the tomato peels in either type of steam system can result in yield losses, including peel and attached fruit, in the 30 percent range.
Hence, a large proportion of the energy required to peel a strongly adhering tape goes into stretching the fibrils and working the gooey adhesive.
Chemical peel, or chemosurgery, is a non-invasive technique for restoring wrinkled, blemished, unevenly pigmented, or sun-damaged facial skin, using a chemical solution to peel away the skin's top layers.
This 4-hour educational event features stellar faculty from around the world and focuses on the latest innovations and uses of superficial to deep chemical peels for therapeutic and aesthetic indications across all skin types.
It is the mother of all peels as when it comes to complementing all skin types, this peel ingests into the skin and peels off the dead cells on the epidermis (skin), which results in a glowing skin.