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PELFPulmonary Epithelial Lining Fluid
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The political among them thrive on caste loyalties, pelf and patronage; the Bollywood stars on fantasy, glamour and media glare.
He further slammed the leadership of BJP for being bullied by the Modi's power and pelf.
Most of these go unseen; a few are appendages to insanely indulgent celebrations that are nominally held in the child's honor but are chiefly staged to strut family pelf and clout.
And yet, seen against the background of the plundered pelf that filled the National Academy that winter, the sonnet also seems saucily out of place, a poetic practical joke played by Lazarus upon her society friends.
pelf makes some crucial links between the difficulties discussed above and the experiences of actual teachers and students, including some nice examples of before and after poems.
Dying of thirst in the desert, a traveler's flask of water is worth the sum of all the pelf looted from Egypt.
Persuading politicians to give up sources of power, pelf and patronage is an uphill task.
In earlier statements, Culture Minister Ertugrul Gunay said he was against any kind of pelf.
With a middle name so directly representative of pelf and privilege, it would have been predictable and un-surprising if his conduct with others had been somewhat regal and condescending.
pundits expect the film to mirror its domestic pelf by gaining steam among older demos in repeat frames.
Instead of focusing on these things, our politicians are busy fighting for power and pelf.
Perhaps in Indonesia they see and read the holy book differently because religion is not big business there and they do not use Islam - and the holy book - as a tool for power and pelf.