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The Howard Grace Cup, a title the object has acquired in the past 200 years from its long ownership in the Howard family, stands twenty-six centimetres tall and weighs thirty-four ounces, four pennyweight Troy or 1135 grams.
An Indian who was making canoes behind a house, looking up pleasantly from his work,--for he knew my companion,--said that his name was Old John Pennyweight.
You scrabble in the streams like children for a pennyweight here and there.
recently of A thief of Strings (2007) and Pennyweight Windows: New &
plus live bands in The Hole In The Wall, The Quaker House and The Pennyweight pubs and the Dolphin Centre.
THIS actually begins: My grandfathers clock/Was too large for the shelf,/So it stood ninety years on the floor:/It was taller by half/ Than the old man himself,/ Though it weighed not a pennyweight more.