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PWPalau (US postal abbreviation)
PWPower Windows
PWPitching Wedge
PWPer Week
PWPublic Works
PWPhoenix Wright (game)
PWPocket Watch
PWPersistent World (gaming)
PWPulse Width
PWPublisher's Weekly
PWPratt & Whitney
PWPostmenopausal Women (biology)
PWPolitechnika Warszawska
PWPrisoner of War
PWPotable Water
PWPretty Woman (movie)
PWProject Work
PWPennywise (band)
PWPrevailing Wage
PWPrice-Waterhouse (accounting firm)
PWPulsed Wave
PWPrecipitable Water
PWPartition Wall (fire insurance)
PWPermanent Way
PWProcess Water
PWPiggly Wiggly (retail store)
PWProved Wrong
PWPetawatt (10^15 Watts)
PWPressurized Water (plumbing)
PWPanel Wiring
PWPlace of Worship (map symbol)
PWPrivate Wire
PWProduced Water
PWPagewidth (assembly language ASM51 assembler control)
PWPhantom Works (Boeing Corporation)
PWPatient Weight
PWPistol Whipped (gaming)
PWPower Walking (aerobic exercise)
PWPuncture Wound
PWProtest Warrior
PWProfit Warning
PWPeter Weller (actor)
PWProjection Welding
PWPosition Width (noise model)
PWPlanetary Wave
PWProvidence and Worcester Railroad Company
PWPositively Women (UK charity)
PWPathetic Wanker
PWParent Watching
PWPeople's Watch (human rights group; India)
PWPanty Waist
PWPromotion Wars (game)
PWPolygon Wizards (gaming)
PWProvisional Wing
PWProduction Waiver
PWPriceWeber (advertising company)
PWPeriodic Wall
PWPatrick Wolf (musician)
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Stan has this problem, while Eddie, another of the gang, has a paranoid fear of germs fostered by his over-protective mother; another friend, Richie, has a fear of clowns, raising the intriguing possibility that Pennywise might be a figment of his imagination.
Bill Bill SkarsgENrd's turn as Pennywise the Clown is unnerving, a playful lunatic of a puppet crossed with hints of (get this) a demon bunny.
That first glimpse of Bill Skarsgard's Pennywise the clown is the stuff of nightmares as he peeks from under a storm drain, with half his face shrouded in shadow.
With this deal Ogilvy & Mather expects to advance its digital strategy in Asia Pacific, aligning its prevailing excellence in digital strategy as well as creative with the technical and production strengths of PennyWise.
Stephen King's Pennywise becomes relatively benign in these cases.
Second Career Volunteer: A Passionate, Pennywise Approach to Retirement" is about volunteering during one's retirement without losing too much money in the process.
3, the Aggrolites, All-American Rejects, Bad Religion, blink-182, the Decaydance All Stars, Ice T, Katy Perry, NoFX, Ozomatli, Pennywise, Rise Against and Underoath.
Lead singer Jim Lindberg says the race and Pennywise, who played for a capacity crowd at the 2005 Grand Prix, are a perfect match.
As chief financial officers go their merry way, indiscriminately picking low-hanging fruit, underwriters gasp in silent horror as their meager funds for education and travel are sacrificed at the alter of "cost containment" A functional definition of pennywise and poundfoolish.
MOST PEOPLE NEVER FORGET their 21st birthday--I spent mine on a field watching Pennywise and The Deftones while having my first legal beers at the Van's Warped Tour.
The AICPA Foundation funded Pennywise and Business Building Blocks, two children's television shows that teach middle and high school students about personal finances and the accounting profession.