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P4Pentium IV (Intel microprocessor)
P4Persona 4 (game)
P4Primary 4 (various schools)
P4Progesterone (hormone)
P4Perforce (software vendor)
P4Perfect Fourth (music)
P4Postnatal Day 4
P4Personal For (US Navy)
P4Prevent Polythene - Protect Planet (India; eco-campaign)
P4Product, Price, Promotion and Place (marketing analysis tool)
P4Photolithographic Pattern Plated Probe
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He currently manages the build/release and QA/test organizations at Perforce Software.
Perforce Software have announced the availability of the SDK for the Petforce Defect Tracking Gateway.
Nonetheless, Wood has managed to cram the highlights of a long and convoluted history into a remarkably short space: the history here is, perforce, sketchy, but the sketches are well rendered.
Worldwide Computer Products News-17 November 2004-Perforce announces Perforce 2004.2(C)1995-2004 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.m2.com
This work was so forcefully present--nourished at regular intervals, with a menu that is preestablished and a delivery schedule punctually met by a caterer--that every other work in the show had perforce to refer to it, however tangentially.
Issues of geographical access and sociological exposure to slavery, for example, are key to consider when studying eighteenth- and nineteenth-century black literary production and reception, for they permeate both hegemonic and black world views and, perforce, become an influential part of the textual "truth" that slave witnesses will illustrate and white readers will accept.
If Russia is to find a path out of its quagmire, it will perforce have to consider Solzhenitsyn's critique of how it got there; hearing about its past, it is not beyond all hope that it might heed a prophet who also speaks of its future.
The book comprises three sections that perforce overlap substantially in content: 1) "The State, Its Institutions, and Gender"; 2) "Women, Marriage, and Motherhood"; and 3) "Varieties of Masculinity." In the decades around 1400 the Venetian oligarchy, like those of other nascent territorial states such as Florence, intensified its regulation of social identity by age and gender so as to bolster its own authority and police the boundaries of its membership.
For her part Damousi seeks to reveal the ways in which convict women expressed ideas of femininity and perforce sexuality and motherhood.
But those whose tastes run more to accurate, dispassionate political philosophy will perforce look elsewhere.
The general classrooms themselves are perforce on upper floors, and had the west front been as flat and plane as the east one, they would have ended up looking point blank into the windows of the flats across Pestalozzistrasse.
In October, Cooley advised Clearlake and its subsidiary Perforce Software on separate acquisitions involving Perfecto Mobile and Meeks Lumber Company.