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'Recurrent pericarditis is a painful and debilitating condition for patients suffering from repetitive episodes and is an unmet medical need,' said Dr.
In a study of 15 cases of constrictive pericarditis and 17 normal controls, diastolic venous collapse was identified in 8 of 15 cases (6).
On the next day, Echocardiography revealed mild Mitral regurgitation (MR), thickening of the pericardial membrane with mild pericardial effusion that suggested infective pericarditis - Fig.1.
"When I look back now that was the pericarditis. Other than that I'd felt fine and it's hard work getting a doctor's appointment these days so I ignored it and just skipped my bench work.
Total twelve buffaloes were diagnosed affected with traumatic pericarditis and subjected to various clinical and haematological examination.
The drug can cause pericarditis, myocarditis, and coronary vasculitis [3].
Most studies of acute pericarditis in children have been limited to case series of purulent pericarditis or pericarditis with large effusions.
In the present case, diagnosis of early postpacemaker implantation pericarditis was established by clinical presentation, laboratory data, and echocardiography.
A new echocardiogram after 6 weeks showed an evolution to constrictive pericarditis (Figures 4 and 5).
Acute pericarditis remains a common condition in patients seen in the ED with a chief complaint of chest pain unrelated to myocardial infarction [1].
Ortega, "Pericarditis in patients with leukemia," American Heart Journal, vol.