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PERKPublishing Ethics Resource Kit
PERKPerchloroethylene (CAS Number 127-18-4)
PERKProspective Evaluation of Radial Keratotomy
PERKPhysical Evidence Recovery Kit
PERKPKR-like endoplasmic Reticulum Kinase
PERKPsychological and Educational Research in Kansas (Convention)
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Perk Fresh Link is also available in Absolute Zero, described as a cool masculine fragrance.
Owned by Kane Russell, Central Perk is the region's first branch of the coffee shop.
YARD PERK This California native produces purple blooms that butterflies go crazy for; find it at native-plant nurseries.
Members of Unite who took industrial action for three days from last weekend have now received letters telling them they are losing the perks.
On top of announcing the 2009 PERK Program, RIMS is also excited to announce the launch of the new PERK webpage.
In addition to providing on-site day care, fitness centers, and other stress-reducing perks, the GlaxoSmithKline pharmaceuticals offers employees at its North Carolina facility shuttle rides to and from the office so that they can avoid the stress and congestion issues associated with commuting.
It also shows that, despite many Government tax discouragements over the years, the company car is still regarded as a perk as opposed to an essential tool in many countries.
A survey of film star perks and bonuses by film magazine Empire showed spoilt stars have expensive ways of establishing their status.
Use of this perk, however, was frowned upon in the Bush White House.
Indirectly, how the points are assigned also affects what perks players have access to as they level up and gain perk points -- unique abilities that modify weapon damage and how you can interact with the environment.