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PESOPublic Employment Service Office (Philippines)
PESOPolitical Ecology Society
PESOPhysical Education Student Organization (various universities)
PESOProduct Engineering Services Office
PESOProfessional Engineers and Scientists Organization
PESOPotentiometric Evaluation of Substrate Oxidation
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15 came only a week after the Castro government revalued the regular Cuban peso by 7%, marking the first change in that currency's exchange rate since December 2001.
The government statement said these measures would become more generalized in the coming months, as would the purchase of CUC-priced goods in pesos at the 25-peso CUC exchange rate.
The areas affected by the storms have a low level of insurance coverage, around 20 percent, according to the association, which said insured damages could range from 12 billion to 15 billion pesos.
La sesion de mitad de la semana no tuvo programacion especial, la ultrafiltracion se calculo por el peso seco previamente establecido.
Los objetivos de este estudio fueron: (1) determinar el tamano corporal de los terneros Brahman y Red Brahman de una cabana de Corrientes (Argentina) utilizando la edad real y la alzada a la cadera ajustada por edad de la madre y sexo del ternero; (2) agrupar los individuos clasificandolos en terminos cualitativos como FS pequeno (1-3), mediano (4-7) y grande (7 o mas); (3) evaluar el efecto del FS en las variables: peso al nacimiento, peso al destete, ganancia diaria de peso y peso ajustado a los 210 dias de los terneros; y (4) evaluar el efecto de la raza en las variables ganancia diaria de peso y peso ajustado a los 210 dias de edad de los terneros destetados.
In March 2009, the Colombian peso was trading at 2,500 per dollar.
Prior to the May 10 national elections, the peso-dollar had been trading at 43-44 pesos.
Peso, who is assisted by Scott Fitzgerald and Mike Parody, not only finds playing time for all 18 of his players, but makes it interesting with a National League style of play that emphasizes fundamentals and forces kids to think and act quickly.
Tetangco said the peso is bent to breach the 53-level in early 2006 on expectations of more remittances from Filipinos abroad.
As a result, a pilot project has been created in which the dollars the IDB loans to Mexico will be converted to pesos for use by the states without the Mexican government being responsible for any future peso-dollar disparity as the loan is repaid over a 25-year period.
Thio Chin Loo, a currency analyst with BNP Paribas, said in a television interview the weakening of the peso has more to do with the strengthening of the dollar than with a downward trend of regional currencies.
600 billion pesos as domestic beer sales increased a 4.