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PIVPersonal Identity Verification (FIPS 201)
PIVPentium 4
PIVParticle Image Velocimetry
PIVParainfluenza Virus
PIVPlena Ilustrita Vortaro (Esperanto: Full Illustrated Dictionary)
PIVPersonal Identification Verification
PIVProject in Vision
PIVPersonal Identity Verification
PIVPrivate Investment Vehicle (finance)
PIVPeak Inverse Voltage
PIVPeripheral IV
PIVPhase IV (clinical studies)
PIVPost Indicator Valve (firefighting)
PIVPhysical Inventory Verification
PIVPowered Industrial Vehicle
PIVProgestin Induced Virilization
PIVPositively Infinitely Variable (type of gearbox)
PIVPosition Indicating Valve
PIVpositive input ventilation
PIVPost Implementation Verification
PIVPropellant Isolation Valve
PIVPre-Inventory Visit
PIVPontoon Implantment Vehicle
PIVProduct Improvement Verification
PIVPressure-Indicating Valve
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This Phase IV study is designed to support the company's clinical approval pathway for LO2A for the treatment of DES in patients with Sjogren's within certain markets including the US, China, Ukraine and Israel.
There are a number of points that are only seen in Phase IV (PV) studies and why these are important in the Drug Development process will be covered.
In this phase IV study, however, patient compliance was consistently excellent, perhaps because of the high disease severity.
Capstone reported the results of the Phase IV Pre-feasibility Study (Phase IV PFS) for the expansion of the Minto Mine on 15 December 2009.
The number of products with open Phase IV studies dropped from approximately 570 in 2003 to 191, FDA said.
During ENFORCE 2004 (26-30 April) the Engineer School will host a breakout session to begin to compile and analyze Phase IV issues.
In May 2002, United Therapeutics agreed with the FDA to conduct the Phase IV study at the time that Remodulin was approved for the treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension in patients with NYHA Class II-IV symptoms to diminish symptoms associated with exercise.
New York City Economic Development Corporation announced that the $30 million Phase IV renovation of the Brooklyn Army Terminal (BAT) will be complete this summer.
In issuing the approval, the NEB concluded the Phase IV expansion meets the test of public convenience and necessity, and the proposed facilities enhance the ability to develop incremental supplies of Scotian gas.
Phase IV included a purposeful sample of participants (n = 97), again from the 331 fifth grade students, who experienced success at the middle school.
Goodyear Tire & Rubber, Akron, OH, has launched technical agreements with Siemens VDO Automotive, Cycloid and Phase IV Engineering for the further study of on-board tire information and sensor technology.