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PHPhilippines (Internet top level domain)
PHPublic House
pHPotential of Hydrogen - negative 10-base log (power) of the positive hydrogen ion concentration; measure of acidity
PHPublic Health
PhHuman Performance
PHPhysical (layer, ISDN)
PHPopulation Health
PHPlease Help
PHParis Hilton
PHPearl Harbor
PHPerth (postcode, United Kingdom)
PHPersonal Hygiene
PHPublic Holiday
PHPerpetual Help (Catholic schools)
PhPhiladelphia Chromosome (molecular biology)
PHPurple Heart
PHPeople Here (chat)
PHParliament House (various locations)
PHPizza Hut
PHPennsylvania Hospital
PHPhot (unit of illumination)
PHPort Harcourt
PHPädagogische Hochschule (German: University on Education)
PHPhysically Handicapped
PHParathyroid Hormone
PHpubic hair
PHProvidence Hospital
PHPleckstrin Homology
PHPlace Holder (gaming)
PHProfessional Hunter
PHPhantom Hourglass (Zelda game)
PHPolicyholder (insurance)
PHParker Hannifin Corporation
PHPast Medical History
PHPotato Head (toy)
PHPeak Hour
PHProportional Hazard(s)
PHPartial Hepatectomy
PHPhillips Head (screwdriver)
PHPeace Health
PHPartido Humanista (Portugese: Humanist Party)
PHphenylalanine hydroxylase
PHPaid Holiday
PHPilot House
PHPortola Hills (California)
PHPacket Header
PHPorter Hall
PHPlayer's Handbook (Dungeons & Dragons)
PHPharmacie Hospitalière (French: Hospital Pharmacy)
PHPablo Honey (Radiohead album)
PHPyramid Head (Silent Hill video game/movie)
PHPersonal Holiday
PHPackage Handler
PHPondus Hydrogenii (Latin: Hydrogen Weight)
PHPersonal Historian
PHPhase Type Distribution (probability concept)
PHProtocol Handlers
PHPacket Handler
PHPath History
PHPaul Heyman (former WWE Smackdown GM)
PHPotentia Hydrogenii (Latin: hydrogen power)
PHPoo Head
PHProduct Hierarchy
PHProbability of Hit
PHPrahova County (Romania)
PHPinch Harmonic (Guitar sound made by pinching the strings with the pick)
PHPizza Haven (Seattle, WA; est. 1958)
PHPillowhead (gaming clan)
PHParity High
PHPremium History (insurance)
PHPresentation Header (TMN)
PHPlataforma Humanista
PHPhysical Header
PHPrimal Heuristic (algorithm)
PHPorphyric Hemophilia (disease) (website)
pHPuissance de Hydrogen (French: power of hydrogen)
PHProtection and Handset
PHPoké Hunters (webcomic)
PH(USN Rating) Photographer's Mate
PHPin Hole
PHPulmonary Hypertension
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The contribution of the phenyl ring was probably negative, and caused the difference between the values of [DELTA][n.
The hybrid organic-inorganic resin is a modified methyl phenyl polysiloxane (Evonik, Essen, Germany) functionalized with hydroxyl and alkoxy groups on the sides of the main Si-O backbone.
1 Rank 0 1 2 3 4 %I 10 11-20 21-49 50-79 [greater than or equal to]80 Table 2: In vitro test results for compounds 1, 2, 3; guazatine/imazalil and phenyl mercury acetate.
Heating the mixture to 400 [degrees] C first breaks off the iodobenzenes' iodine atoms and then forges links between the phenyl rings left behind.
The compounds most affected by fat content included the classes of monoterpene and sesquiterpene hydrocarbons; terpenes containing oxygen; cyclopentenones; phenyl propanoids; and phenols.
Of these, phenyl-GlcNAc and phenyl-Gal gave measurable product yields, but assays using 5 mM phenyl (phenol) alone were negative.
The tests rendered some interesting results with Daikon Radish Oil testing on top in both dry combing and repeating grooming tests, outperforming phenyl trimethicone with regards to shine and comparable or superior results to many of the silicones tested.
60 ppm are assigned to two aromatic protons (Pyridine ring and Phenyl ring).
The HCR (high consistency rubber) product line, Sil-X-Shin silicone elastomers, a platinum, addition cure series, includes two distinct HCR extrusion versions, including methyl-vinyl and phenyl silicone specifically engineered for extruded tubing and profiles, and designed for use in healthcare, beverage and architectural glazing applications.
00 dimethicone (and) phenyl trimethicone (and) polyethylene) Kobo SF 1550 (Kobo Products) (Phenyl trimethicone) 0.