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PEAPalmitoylethanolamide (endogenous fatty acid amide)
PEAProvincial Electricity Authority (Thailand)
PEAPoblación Económicamente Activa (Spanish: Economically Active Population; economics)
PEAPlan d'Epargne en Actions (French stock thrift)
PEAPhillips Exeter Academy (secondary school)
PEAProgrammatic Environmental Assessment (US FEMA)
PEAPulseless Electrical Activity
PEAPopulação Economicamente Ativa (Portuguese: Economically Active Population)
PEAPrivate Employment Agency (various locations)
PEAPotenciales Evocados Auditivos (Spanish: Auditory Evoked Potentials)
PEAProgressive Education Association (est. 1919)
PEAPolitical Education and Action (various organizations)
PEAPrevention of Elder Abuse (various locations)
PEAParliamentary Elections Act (various locations)
PEAPublic Education Agency (various locations)
PEAPreliminary Economic Analysis
PEAProfessional Employees Association (Canada)
PEAPreferred Email Address (various schools)
PEAPreschool Education Aid (New Jersey)
PEAPublic Employment Agency
PEAPortuguese East Africa (now Mozambique)
PEAProgram Environmental Assessment
PEAPrincess Elisabeth Antarctica (research station)
PEAPreliminary Environmental Assessment
PEAPreliminary Endangerment Assessment
PEAPriority Employment Area (Australia)
PEAPublic Education Advocates
PEAPolyether Amine (automotive fuel additive)
PEAPhoenix East Aviation (flight school; Florida)
PEAProjeto Esperança Animal (Brazil, Portuguese)
PEAPlanning Enabling Act (various locations)
PEAPocket Ethernet Adapter
PEAProgram Effectiveness Assessment (California)
PEAPreemptive Attack
PEAPersonalized Email Account (University of Texas at Dallas)
PEAProtected Earnings Amount (child support; Australia)
PEAPersonal Energy Absorber (fall protection)
PEAPsychic Entertainers Association
PEApoly ethyl acrylate
PEAProgramme d'Études en Allemagne (French: Study Program in Germany)
PEAPersonal Email Assistant
PEAPlymouth Education Association (Plymouth, IN)
PEAPrimary Education Advisor
PEAPlanning Emphasis Area
PEAPalestinian Engineers Association
PEAProcurement Executives' Association
PEAPoudre Education Association (Colorado)
PEADepartamento de Energia e Automação Elétricas (Portugese; POLI - USP São Paulo, Brazil)
PEAPublic Entities of America (brokerage agency; Alpharetta, GA)
PEAPotentially Explosive Atmosphere
PEAPolicy Enforcement Agent
PEAPerformance Evaluation Audit
PEAPacific Energy Associates, Inc.
PEAProfessional Engineer and Architect
PEAPalestine Energy Authority
PEAPoint Evidence Analysis (writing guideline mnemonic)
PEAPeace Establishment Authority
PEAPlease Ensure Attendance
PEAProgram Element Administrator
PEAProgramme Exoertise et Appui
PEAPublic Economic Agency
PEAPHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) Extend Association (computer language forum)
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The second variable corresponds to HPLC quantification of biogenic amines (histamine, tyramine, putrescine, cadaverine and phenylethylamine)
Wine PUT CAD HIM TYM SRT AGM SPD PEM Syrah-313 8.39 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Syrah-1103 8.04 0 0 0 0 0.15 0 0.22 Putrescine (PUT), cadaverine (CAD), histamine (HIM), tyramine (TYM), serotonin (SRT), agmatine (AGM), spermidine (SPD) and phenylethylamine (PEM).
Wyatt, "Different effects of behaviorally equipotent doses of amphetamine and methamphetamine on brain biogenic amines: specific increase of phenylethylamine by amphetamine," European Journal of Pharmacology, vol.
Biogenic amine concentration (mM) at 48 h during in vitro rumen fermentation using different ratios of soybean meal and soluble starch Amines Soybean meal:soluble starch ratio Control 10:0 7:3 Histamine 0.013 (c) 3.230 (a) 2.134 (b) Methylamine ND 0.198 0.017 Ethylamine ND 0.376 0.072 Tyramine ND ND ND Phenylethylamine ND ND ND Putrescine ND 0.863 0.222 Cadaverine ND 0.343 0.071 Amine index 0.013 (b) 4.436 (a) 2.427 (a) Total amine 0.013 (c) 5.009 (a) 2.516 (b) Amines Soybean meal:soluble starch ratio 5:5 3:7 0:10 Histamine 0.020 (c) 0.026 (c) 0.015 (c) Methylamine ND ND ND Ethylamine ND ND ND Tyramine ND ND ND Phenylethylamine ND ND ND Putrescine 0.000 0.000 ND Cadaverine ND ND ND Amine index 0.020 (b) 0.026 (b) 0.015 (b) Total amine 0.020 (c) 0.026 (c) 0.015 (c) ND, not detected.
As a possible explanation of these reported effects, it has been found that Klamath Lake's AFA contains varying but significant quantities of phenylethylamine (PEA), ranging from 1 to 3 mg/gr, which are brought to a concentration of 15 mg/gr in the Klamin[R] extract.
Eating chocolate releases of mood-boosting, stress-reducing serotonin and also phenylethylamine, which produces changes in blood pressure and blood-sugar levels, leading to feelings of excitement, apparently.
2.Chocolate Yes, you read that right!But don't go to town onTwix bars just yet.I'm talking about natural dark chocolate that contains the endorphin-releasing chemical phenylethylamine that makes you feel happy.
While bitter cocoa contains a compound called phenylethylamine, which releases the same endorphins triggered by sex, red berries carry Vitamin B & C, natural libido and estrogen boosters.
The feel-good sensations that chocolate gives you are created by a natural chemical in cocoa called phenylethylamine, which researchers believe can cause a feeling of mild euphoria, similar to the experience of being in love.
It contains L-arginine (a vasodilator) and phenylethylamine, which makes you feel happy, Steelsmith says.
The scent carries two chemicals - phenylethylamine (the "love drug") and yohimbine, an aphrodisiac, to give the maze an irresistible appeal.
"I like organic chocolate because it contains small amounts of phenylethylamine and caffeine for sharpness and focus.