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PTSPractical Test Standards
PTSParking and Transportation Services
PTSPrinceton Theological Seminary (New Jersey)
PTSPost- och Telestyrelsen (Sweden)
PTSPost-Thrombotic Syndrome (deep vein thrombosis)
PTSPersistent Toxic Substances (environment)
PTSPut to Sleep
PTSPotential Trouble Source (Scientology)
PTSPermanent Threshold Shift
PTSPresentation Time Stamps (MPEG systems)
PTSPi-Tau-Sigma (Mechanical Engineering Honor Society)
PTSPerguruan Tinggi Swasta (Indonesian private university)
PTSPolice Technique et Scientifique (French: Forensic Scientist)
PTSPort Said (Egyptian automobile license plate)
PTSPressurized Thermal Shock
PTSPersonal Track Safety (railway)
PTSProprietary Trading System
PTSProject Tracking System
PTSPatient Transport Service
PTSProblem Tracking System
PTSPyruvoyltetrahydropterin Synthase
PTS6-Pyruvoyltetrahydropterin Synthase
PTSPrime Time Sports (Toronto Area TV & Radio Sports Talk Show)
PTSPseudo Terminal Slave
PTSPersonal Trainer Specialist
PTSPhilatelic Traders Society (England)
PTSPneumatic Tube System
PTSPost-Traumatic Syndrome
PTSParty of Work and Solidarity (Cape Verde)
PTSPositive Train Separation
PTSPartial Transmit Sequence
PTSPediatric Trauma Score
PTSProduction Tracking System
PTSProtocol Type Selection (ISO)
PTSPersonnel Tracking System
PTSPhystechsoft Ltd (disk operating system makers)
PTSPenilaian Tahap Satu (Malaysia education)
PTSPass-Through Security
PTSProperty Tax Software
PTSPermit Tracking System
PTSPlatinum Travel Service (American Express)
PTSProgress Tracking System
PTSPassport To Safety (UK)
PTSPrecision Technology Supplies, Ltd (Sussex, England)
PTSPhotofragment Translational Spectroscopy
PTSPalmer Trinity School
PTSPhotothermal Spectroscopy
PTSPer-Trunk Signaling
PTSPlayer Tracking System
PTSProcurement Tracking System
PTSPassive Treatment System
PTSPrecise Timing Station
PTSPermission to Sue
PTSPortable Training System
PTSPurchaser Technical Specification
PTSProduct Test System
PTSParticular Technical Specification
PTSPhrase Translation System
PTSProposal Tracking System
PTSPerformance Training Series (banking)
PTSPhoto-Type Setting
PTSPerformance Technical Specifications (construction)
PTSProjectile Tracking System
PTSPesticide Treated Sphere
PTSPacket Time Slot
PTSParallel Transaction System (IBM)
PTSPrecision Tracking System
PTSPopulation Transfer Spectroscopy
PTSPure True Sharing
PTSPerfect Trinomial Square (mathematics)
PTSProspect Treatment System
PTSPremiCide Treatment System (Metrex; solid/medical/hazardous waste disposal)
PTSPrincipal Tensile Stress
PTSParts Tracking System
PTSPaper Transport Speed
PTSPrecise Time System
PTSPulsed-Laser Photothermal Spectroscopy
PTSProperty Transfer Slip
PTSPaperless Transaction System
PTSPost Time System
PTSPeriodic Technical Survey
PTSPost Telephone Switch
PTSPresentation Task Set
PTSPape Taxi Service (New Richmond, WI)
PTSPrelaunch Test System
PTSPunch Through Stop
PTSPublic Transport Security
PTSPETRONAS (Petroliam Nasional) Technical Standard (oil industry; Malaysia)
PTSParis Tuning Show (car show)
PTSParent, Teacher, Student (conference)
PTSPart-Time Student
PTSPower Transmission Solutions, Inc. (Berkeley, CA)
PTSPublic Television Service (Taiwan)
PTSProperty Tax Services (various locations)
PTSPhoronix Test Suite (Linux software)
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The selectable marker plasmid (pUbiNPTII-I) contained neomycin phosphotransferase II (NPT II), driven by the maize ubiquitin promoter (Christensen et al.
hpt encodes hygromycin phosphotransferase, which imparts resistance to the antibiotic hygromycin.
Keywords: Cold stress; DREB1A gene; Hygromycin phosphotransferase gene; Lip9 promoter; Solanum lycopersicum
Key Words: Low molecular weight acid phosphatase; Isoenzymes; Phosphotransferase activity; Phospho- enzyme covalent intermediate.
The Cys607-->Tyr change in the UL97 phosphotransferase confers ganciclovir resistance to two human cytomegalovirus strains recovered from two immunocompromised patients.
To achieve this aim I will generate a reporter construct with the coding sequence for the hygromycin phosphotransferase (Hpt), as selection marker, combined with the alternatively spliced region of RS31.
Mucolipidosis (ML) types II and III are caused by a deficiency of GlcNAc phosphotransferase (GNPT), which creates the mannose-6-phosphate lysosomal targeting signal, and is associated with multiple lysosomal hydrolase deficiencies.
Primers for Lactobacillus lactis were designed to target a putative mannitol-specific IIbC component of the phosphotransferase system.
Aminoglycoside acetyl transferase AAC 3-IV and hygromycin B4-1 phosphotransferase (hphB) in bacteria isolated from human and animal sources.
Lobsters with ESD also show decreased expression in thoracic muscle of arginine kinase, a phosphotransferase involved in energy metabolism that could be indicative of an energetic drain in lobster muscle in diseased lobsters (Tarrant et al.
Diketo acid inhibitor mechanism and HIV-1 integrase: Implications for metal binding in the active site of phosphotransferase enzymes.
2005), they immortalised cynomolgus monkey oviduct cells using pSV3-neoplasmid (American Type Culture Collection, Manassas VA, USA) that contains both large and small T-antigens of the early region of SV40, and the bacterial neomycin phosphotransferase gene, which confers resistance to the antibiotic geneticin.
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