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PCRPolymerase Chain Reaction (biology, biochemistry)
PCRProtein Coupled Receptor
PCRProteina C Reactiva (Spanish: C-Reactive Protein)
PCRProtection of Civil Rights Act (India)
PCRPathologic Complete Response (breast cancer)
PCRProduction Control Room (studio coordinating center; various organizations)
PCRPacific Region
PCRPost-Consumer Recycled (Patagonia)
PCRPhosphocreatine (biochemistry)
PCRPost Conviction Relief
PCRProgram Clock Reference (DVB)
PCRPartido Comunista Revolucionario (Argentina)
PCRPeak Cell Rate
PCRProperty Condition Report
PCRPassenger Car Radial (tires)
PCRPublic Contract Regulations (UK)
PCRParti Communiste Réunionnais (Communist Party of Reunion)
PCRPrincipal Component Regression (multivariate regression technique)
PCRProgram Clock Reference
PCRParameter Code Reset
PCRPersonal Card Reader
PCRPeripheral Clock Register
PCRPioneer Credit Recovery
PCRPatient Care Report
PCRPut/Call Ratio (investing)
PCRPolice of the Czech Republic
PCRPersonne Compétente en Radioprotection (French: Person Competent in Radiation Protection)
PCRProcurement Center Representative
PCRPerformance and Cost Report (various organizations)
PCRProtein/Creatinine Ratio
PCRPhotochemical Reaction
PCRPaint Chip Repair (vehicle repair)
PCRPrimary Control Reserve (transmission frequency)
PCRPrimary Charge Roller (computer printers)
PCRPlatform Configuration Register
PCRProtection of Consumers' Rights (various locations)
PCRPlanning Commission Review (various locations)
PCRPublic Consultation Report (Australia)
PCRPrimary Care Renewal (healthcare)
PCRPartidul Comunist Roman (Romanian Comunist Party)
PCRPrivate Client Resources (Wilton, CT)
PCRPharmaceutical Company Representative
PCRPaperless Chart Recorder (data logger; various companies)
PCRProgram Change Request
PCRProject Change Request
PCRPrehospital Care Report (medicine/healthcare)
PCRParramatta City Raceway (Australia)
PCRPort Control Register
PCRPastor-Church Relations (various locations)
PCRPayload Changeout Room
PCRPalestinian Centre for Rapprochement (est. 1998)
PCRPollution Control Revenue (bond)
PCRPreventive Cyclic Retransmission
PCRPower Change Request (US NASA)
PCRProduct Change Request
PCRPrimary Care Rheumatology Society (UK)
PCRPrint Contrast Ratio
PCRProgram and Capability Review (various locations)
PCRPublication Change Request
PCRPomeroy Computer Resources
PCRPersonnel Casualty Report (USMC)
PCRPacific Coast Regional Corp. (California)
PCRPrint Cost Recovery
PCRPlug Control Register (IEC61883)
PCRProblem Change Report
PCRPost Completion Review
PCRPortable Channel Representation
PCRPrimary Clock Reference
PCRPump, Circulating
PCRPlant Control Room
PCRPacket Channel Request
PCRPhysical Condition Report (commercial real estate)
PCRPlastic Chip Carrier
PCRPortable Computer Receptacle
PCRPotential Carrier Recovery
PCRPersonal Computer Review
PCRPulse Compression Radar
PCRPost Creative Rationalization
PCRPeripheral Curve Radius (contact lens fitting)
PCRPersonal Computer Ruggedized
PCRPending Correspondence Report
PCRProgram Change Report
PCRPower and Control Room
PCRPhoto-Club Rouennais (Rouen, France)
PCRPersonal Clothing Request
PCRPer Copy Royalty
PCRPart Change Request
PCRProgram Control Review
PCRPrecision Control Relay
PCRPackage Change Required
PCRPumped Condensate Return
PCRPlasma Centrifugal Reactor
PCRProcessor Capacity Reservation
PCRPlatform Capability Roadmap (US Navy)
PCRPrioritized Contention Resolution
PCRPlano-Convex Resonator
PCRProduct Complaint Report
PCRProgram for Clubhouse Research
PCRPartir O Côco A Rir (Portuguese: Break the Coconut Laughing; figure of speech)
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In the present study we used a photochemical reaction chamber to generate particle-free urban-like multipollutant mixtures for the purpose of evaluating the pulmonary and cardiac responses in mice to inhalation of an atmosphere containing complex multipollutant mixtures or [O.sub.3] at the same concentration as present in the multipollutant mixtures.
In original photochemical reactions, as the electron donor, the excited RC pigments transfer the electrons to electron acceptor to realize the charge separation and then leave behind "holes".
Complexes {M[(CO).sub.4][BROM-ANIS]}(M = Cr, Mo and W), (1a)-(1c), [(1a), M = Cr; (1b), M = Mo; (1c), M = W]; {M[(CO).sub.4][BROM-DMB]}(M = Cr, Mo and w), (2a)-(2c), [(2a), M = Cr; (2b), M = Mo; (2c), M = W]; {M[(CO).sub.4][BROM-MB]}(M = Cr, Mo and w), (3a)-(3c), [(3a), M = Cr; (3b), M = Mo; (3c), M = W]; {M[(CO).sub.3][BROM-HB]}(M = Cr, Mo and W), (4a)-(4c), [(4a), M = Cr; (4b), M = Mo; (4c), M = W]; & {M[(CO).sub.3][BROM-o-VANI]}(M = Cr, Mo and W), (5a)-(5c), [(5a), M = Cr; (5b), M = Mo; (5c), M = W] were prepared by photochemical reactions of M[(CO).sub.6] where (M = Cr, Mo & W), with Schiff bases (BROM-ANIS), (BROM-DMB), (BROM-MB), (BROM-HB) and (BROM-o-VANI) were obtained in 50-64% yields by similar methods described below.
* the basics of the photochemical reactions in Photosystem II
It is theorized the photochemical reaction and the associated reactive species are two factors responsible for the phototoxicity of CPD.
To a solution of 5-bromoindanone (0.25 g, 1.18 mmol) ) in CCl4 (20 ml) in a photochemical reaction apparatus (100 ml) equipped with a reflux condenser was added NBS (0.46 g, 2.6 mmol) and catalytic amount of benzoyl peroxide while irradiating with a 50-W projector lamp.
He, "Heterogeneous photochemical reaction of ozone with anthracene adsorbed on mineral dust," Atmospheric Environment, vol.
Effect of ammonium sulfate aerosol on the photochemical reaction of toluene/NO(x)/air mixture [in Chinese].
"Since these waves cannot provide the adequate energy amount to initiate the photochemical reaction, we have employed special nanoparticles to convert them into high-energy ultraviolet waves at molecular surfaces.
The presence of oxygen influences the outcome of a photochemical reaction, oxygen being a very good radical and triplet state quencher.
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