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PLPublic Law
PLPublic Library
PLPoland (top-level domain)
PLPerl (File extension)
PLPhysical Layer
PLProgramming Language
PLPower Level (Everquest)
PLPower Line
PLPlay List
PLProduct Line (Engineering)
PLProcedural Language
PLParking Lot
PLProduction Line
PLPrivate Label
PLPower Law (spectral model)
PLPrivate Line
PLProfessional Liability (insurance)
PLProgram Leader
PLPlanner (various organizations)
PLPerformance Level
PLProduct Liability
PLProject Leader
PLProperty Line
PLPlatz (German: plaza)
PLPlymouth (postcode, United Kingdom)
PLPot Limit (poker)
PLPacking List (transportation)
PLParts List
PLPlein (Dutch: square)
PLPathological Liar
PLParadise Lost (band)
PLPenny Lane (Beatles song)
PLPhilips Lighting
PLPathetic Loser
PLPreferred Language
PLProtection Level
PLParty Line (telecommunications)
PLPower Locks
PLPartido Liberal (Liberal Party - Brazil)
PLPeriodontal Ligament (also seen as PDL; anatomy)
PLPacket Loss
PLParental Leave
PLPhysics Laboratory
PLPagelength (assembly language ASM51 assembler control)
PLPaul London (wrestler)
PLPig Latin
PLPaid Leave
PLPancreatic Lipase
PLProperty Loss
PLPeroneus Longus (anatomy)
PLPath Loss
PLPaternity Leave
PLPandemic Legion (gaming community)
PLIce Pellets (weather)
PLProduct Library
PLPangudi Luhur (Indonesian school)
PLPercival Lowell
PLPacific League (Japanese baseball)
PLProduction License (various locations)
PLPredatory Lending
PLPrensa Libre (Spanish: Free Thought; newspaper)
PLPredicate Logic
PLPersonal Leave
PLPrincess Leia (Star Wars character)
PLPattern Language
PLPhase Line
PLPunch Line
PLLight Perception
PLPatrol Leader (Boy Scouts of America)
PLPatrol Leader
PLPresentation Layer
PLProgram Library
PLPlayers League (defunct baseball league)
PLPois Lukien (Finnish: Not Including)
PLPheasant Launcher (hunting tool)
PLPhillips Laboratory
PLPathological Laughter
PLPlatoon Leader
PLAeroperu (Peruvian Airline, IATA airline code)
PLPulse Length
PLPulse Laser
PLPlastic Laminate (construction)
PLProof-Like (coin's finish)
PLProof Like
PLPunch List (NASA)
PLPartit Laburista (Maltese: Labor Party; political group)
PLPacket Link (AT&T)
PLProgram Lock
PLPhantom Lancer (Defense of the Ancients)
PLPioneer League (baseball)
PLPropagation Loss
PLPorter's Lodge
PLProspecting License
PLPulse Limiting
PLPokémon League
PLPico Liter
PLPolitical Linguistics (Conference)
PLPrecautionary Landing
PLProtective Location
PLParity Low
PLPumper Ladder (firefighting vehicle)
PLPinkliner (eBay staff-poster)
PLPlatine Laser (French: compact disc)
PLPreferential Looking Technique (Perception in Infants)
PLPower Linearity (Agilent)
PLPotato-Leaved (tomato plants)
PLProduct Loadout
PLPatent Law Division
PLPhilosophically Libertarian
PLPreservative Lubricant
PLPajarito Laboratory
PLPolar Lepromatous (leprosy)
PLPrice/Provisioning List
PLParish Line Railroad
PLProgrammation Linéraire (French: Linear Programming)
PLPosti Lokero (Finland)
PLPionculo List
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