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KKing (playing cards, chess)
KBlack (in CMYK color space)
KKindergarten (as in K-12)
KKelvin (thermodynamic temperature scale)
KKosher (symbol on food labels)
KKilo- (thousand)
KKalium (Potassium)
KSpecial K (cereal)
KOver (logging abbreviation)
KQue (Spanish)
KKiller (type of white blood cell)
KCapital (economics)
KK-Mart (store)
KCarrying Capacity (population studies)
KKerry (Irish car registration)
KCologne (auto license plate)
KKey Generator
KEastern Ontario (postal code designation, Canada)
KKompressor (band)
KKappa (receptor)
KKicker (football)
KLysine (amino acid)
KPermeability (physics)
KCathode (electronics)
KKetamine (animal tranquilizer/disassociative)
KKorpus (Russian, building; used in postal addresses)
KKnit Stitch
KKerrang! (British Magazine and TV Channel)
KPhylloquinone (vitamin)
KK Language (Unix-Based programming language)
KKell Blood Group
KKey/Black (printing ink in CMYK model)
KBoltzman Constant
KCoefficient of Thermal Conductivity
KKilohm (unit of electrical resistance; also seen as Kiloohm)
KKiloohm (resistor; electronics schematics)
KLudwig von Köchel (publisher of catalog of the works of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart)
KKlebsiella Pneumoniae Serotype
KFederal Reserve Bank of Dallas, Texas (designates original point of circulation of a dollar bill)
KKeratometric Reading (contact lens fitting term)
KKellogg's Corp (stock symbol)
KConfidential Cryptographic (TMINS)
KUS Offices in China Stamp (Scott Catalogue prefix; philately)
KTanker Aircraft Designation (US military, as in KC-10)
KWreck Less Than $50 Damage (Alabama Public Safety radio code)
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Phylloquinone intake (vitamin K1) was not associated with PAD risk.
Association between dietary phylloquinone intake and peripheral metabolic risk markers related to insulin resistance and diabetes in elderly subjects at high cardiovascular risk.
Phylloquinone plays an important role in coagulation, bone metabolism, and vascular health (2-8).
Men who consumed high amounts of phylloquinone were also less likely to smoke and were more likely to exercise or take dietary supplements.
Phylloquinone is found in soybean oil, and dark green vegetables such as spinach and broccoli.
Vitamin K1 (also called phylloquinone or phytonadione) is the major form of vitamin K found in plants.
The journal Neurobiology of Aging describes a study conducted by researchers at the University of Montral which uncovered an association between higher serum phylloquinone (vitamin K1) levels and better verbal episodic memory in older adults.
As early as the 1930s, however, researchers have known that vitamin K can be found in two forms--vitamin K1 or phylloquinone (found in green and leafy vegetables and algae), and vitamin K2, which has been shown to be more bioavailable.
Research generally involves the most common dietary form of vitamin K, known as phylloquinone or K1.
While I agree that the natural forms of vitamin K, phylloquinone (vitamin [K.
9 Phylloquinone and menaquinone are forms of which vitamin necessary for blood clotting?