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PHYS EDPhysical Education
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At Rye Neck, we went from a scenario of severely limited participation of students in phys ed electives to where the superintendent was so impressed with the level of student participation that he said, 'I don't believe what I'm seeing.
Art educators have to manage more physical supplies than the phys ed teacher, the music teacher, and the science teacher combined.
That needn't mean the "same old" phys ed too many of us remember -- regimented calisthenics or laps around a track.
The Cooper Clinic in Texas uses pedometers in its wellness programs, and elementary-school phys ed teachers are providing them to students to increase their motivation to exercise.
Phys ed teacher Bailey has put together more than 170 different games and activities for the playground, including sports, traditional games, games for large or small groups, and rainy-day activities.
Amster), "View from the Classroom: Student Writers Hone Their Skills,""Would More Phys Ed Curb Kids' Weight Gain?
Phys Ed teachers were given a sport to coach and I could choose from baseball, soccer, basketball, and gymnastics.
Skirts inhibit girls' freedom of movement on the playground and in gym (elementary school kids wear their regular clothes for phys ed, if they have it at all), and even in just sitting on the floor to hear a story.
Our phys ed instructor, during his first talk on health, made the comment that he was aware of the Catholic position on homosexuality, but the reality was that we were going to be teaching homosexuals, so it was an issue we could no longer shut our eyes to.
By refusing to change her Doc Martens for proper gym footwear and by refusing to participate in the phys ed curriculum, Tish, like so many students, is telling us the only way she knows how that she has bruises, welts, or that she can't uncover her body for anyone's eyes because she believes others can see her sexual abuse.